Friday, August 5, 2005

The Sea of Immigration

Far out in the ocean, farther than one can see, the water swells unnoticed. This swell moves according to the winds and currents. Even the fishermen in their boats barely notice this swell. This swell begins to move toward land and as the depth lessens, the swell rises in the water trying to maintain its energy. Suddenly, the water is too shallow for the swell to maintain itself and begins to roll violently toward the shore.

That is pretty much the life cycle of a wave. I find that life is not dissimilar. Let's take immigration for instance. Many of us, as well as talk radio, have been talking about illegal immigration. This is the swell far out from land, basically unnoticed.

We often wondered why the mainstream media did not take this problem and give reports . Instead, from the mainstream media we only saw the plight of immigrant workers, illegal or otherwise. They wanted it to appear that anyone who was unhappy with the lack of immigration policies was racist and insensitive. This is the swell that went unnoticed by the fishermen.