Saturday, February 23, 2013

Eliminate the Tax Scam

Each year we watch a parade of politicians promising us everything in order to gain our vote. We know that most of these promises will never be fulfilled. We also know that they will blame those failed promises on the other party. I am here to talk about the promises they do keep.

We have amassed a $16.5 trillion dollar debt. We have some telling us that the debt doesn't matter. I m told it won't matter until we reach $20 trillion. At the rate of debt growth we can see this happening in at least four years. We have one side telling us that we need to stimulate the economy. We have the other side spending more and wanting to raise taxes on the rich. That same side also tells us that we need to stop subsidizing certain industries, while increasing subsidies for others. For those who are unclear, a subsidy is no more than a tax exemption on certain aspect of that business. This is done to move the businesses in certain directions.

Friday, February 15, 2013

What is an Executive Order?

No matter the president, we hear of them signing Executive Orders (EO). Do we really know what this is or what power it contains? Let's explore that a little. The meaning of the EO is to tell agencies how to process law. Sometimes when congress creates a new law, the text isn't always clear how that law is to be managed. The president can, and should as leader of the country, direct how that law is to be implemented. If congress disagrees with how the president is implementing the law they can amend that law to give proper definitions.

The president could simply order the secretary to send out a memo, but that carries less weight. The president will write and sign the EO, and that EO is then entered into the National Registry. Once that document is entered, and remains unchallenged for 90 days, it then becomes law. We have been told time and time again that an EO is not law, but that's not always fact.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why Minimum Wage Laws Are Bad

The right seems to continuously lose the fight against minimum wage laws. It's unpopular to tell people who make low wages they aren't worth more. If a person believes they are worth more, they should put forth the determination to prove to the employer they are worthy of that next promotion. When younger, I was one of those minimum wage workers. I was working part time in the summer while school was out. I thought I was rich. I was rich by my standards.

Take the family of four living off the same wage. They would suffer. We must ask where that family would be if there was no minimum wage. It's likely they might have an even lower wage. The worker would have no choice but to seek a job with more pay. That worker, in a healthy economy, will find a job paying more. The previous employer who chose to cut wages,or keep wages low, will likely have to increases wages to fill that job. The market and local economy will always dictate wages for particular jobs. If you have 1000 potential workers wanting to pick fruit, and jobs available for only 500 people, wages will drop. If there are only 500 people vying for 1000 jobs, wages will increase. The reason wages will go up is that since there are not enough workers, they will try to attract the best workers who will produce more. To attract the best workers, employers must pay more.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Social Conservatism vs Bigotry

undefinedThis country is built on the foundation of freedom to worship as we please. The founders remembered a time in Europe where the kings allowed only one religion. Because government and church were so intertwined great minds like Copernicus were executed as a heretics for simply believing the Earth wasn't the center of the universe. Our founders wanted to insure the same thing never came to pass in the new country.

Despite that dream this country has struggled to keep government and church separated, and all the courts have maintain that separation. Alcohol prohibition was one of the most violent periods in modern times. This prohibition was based on religious beliefs. Eventually the folly of the 18th Amendment was overturned. Today the country faces the same problems with the declared war on drugs. This country learned nothing from its previous mistake. No matter the political party in power, the war on drugs continues. I dare say the war on poverty has had the same disastrous effects.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Obama Syndrome

President Obama's overall performance rating has been constantly above 50%. This week the daily tracking poll had it at 54%. Since the election we have wondered how he won so easily and people still believe he is doing a good job. Right after the election I wrote as to why he was re-elected. Now that some time has passed, and some of the shock has worn off, I began to think after seeing this poll result.

Another factor that led to this new look is the on-street interview where Jimmy Kimmel asked people what they thought about the Super Bowl, even though it had yet to be played. One man went so far as to say he lost $200 on the Ravens. Some went on about Beyonce and her performance at halftime.