Thursday, November 23, 2023

Modern Slavery Revealed

 Most people today don't know modern slavery exists. Many that do think it's only about sex trafficking. That is a large part of it, but it is far more widespread. Many are surprised to hear there are labor slaves and it's happening in the USA. The left will tell you that is a reference to low wages, but in reality it's too often about no wages.

There are some obvious signs of slavery. Often you will see large groups living in a small room. I remember seeing 14 Mexicans living in a small mobile home. At the time, slavery didn't enter my mind, but looking back it's obvious. Modern slaves are also fearful of the police and those who might help them. There are many reasons for this, but look in the US how people are being brainwashed into not trusting any authority. Many people will begin to see their slavers as families and protectors. It appears to be similar to Stockholm Syndrome where captives begin to trust and defend their captors. This seems to be pretty common, especially with child slaves.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

AR Rules The World

 I'll start by answering your question, what is AR. No, AR isn't Augmented reality or Assault Rifle in this writing, it's Artificial Reality. This is the concept democrats and leftists around the world use to control people's minds. Some people are concerned AI(Artificial Intelligence) will someday rule the world. You can be sure those creating AR(Artificial Reality) will use AI to amplify their artificial reality.

Let's talk about some of the AR that exists today. My first thought goes to COVID. It was a real virus, but even though it was a deadly virus, the left wanted it to be much worse. They wanted to see how far they could push people with enough fear. They learned it was a long way.

We learned this week about a 17 year old white boy beaten to death by 15 people in Los Angeles. In all the reporting it was never mentioned the attackers were black. If the races had been reversed, the media would have always mentioned the race and called it a hate crime. In the AR world, race only matters if the victim isn't white. Race is a driving force in creating the AR world. They have discovered racism can be used to power AR.

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Fake Phobias

For years we repeatedly heard about homophobia, Islamophobia, and papyrophobia. Never heard that last one, me either until I looked it up. That seems to be the fear of government. I think free people should fear government. I wrote how democrats use labels and language to control people and Controlling Political Language. This is basically a continuation of that.

Fear works and has always worked for extremist governments to control people. The last couple of decades, phobia has been one of the most used words, next to racism. If you want a country to have secure and safe borders, you're considered to be xenophobic. Xenophobia is is the word used to describe people who fear brown or black people. I've never met anyone who feared someone based on their race or sexuality. When transgender became the topic of the day for democrats, anyone who has a problem with transgender female athletes in women's sports, even when the person speaking is transgender, they are quickly labeled a transphobe.

A phobia is a fear. I've known people who have agoraphobia, a fear of leaving the house. Those people are terrified when they open the door or step off their property. I have, at times, had mild aspects of agoraphobia. Trust me, a phobia isn't a term that should be used for politics and to control people. Arachnophobia is someone who fears spiders. If you have ever seen someone with that face a spider, you know it's real fear.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Mistake of Proportional Retaliation

 After the latest, and maybe largest, attack on Israel by Palestinian terrorist, Israel began retaliation. Within little time, democrat activists began protesting Israel and saying the attacks aren't proportional. This is something the left has been screaming for the past 70 years. I first noticed it with the Vietnam war that lasted 20 years. Too often we heard the US was being too aggressive and often forbidden from attacking North Vietnam. This has happened all through the Iraq war that lasted, officially 8 years, but it was actually only recently that the US really pulled out.

This might sound silly, but it was a Terry Goodkind's novel that woke me up to why these extended wars happened. The lead female character took over the army that was facing defeat. She told them to go into the village and kill every man, woman, and child. Her theory was that the women would produce future soldiers and the children would grow up to be soldiers. Although the killing children part was too far for reality, the rest made sense. Also, women are often directly or indirectly fighting wars. 

Monday, October 16, 2023

Democrat abuse of LGBT


Democrats never stop talking about how they support LGBT, and republicans hate them. There are
conservatives who have issues with LGBT, but the damages democrats do to them are far worse. I know some will find that hard to believe, but it will become clear as I move on.

Let's begin with the Florida law that democrats love to refer to as the “don't say gay” law. That alone tells you where democrats stand because the law says that nowhere. The law simply states that LGBT issues can't be part of the classroom curriculum. The purpose is to keep leftist teachers from pushing children to be LGBT, and if they are, the parents must be involved. Democrats will tell you that's not happening, but there is evidence it has.

Thursday, October 5, 2023

More Democrat Hypocrisy

I saw something today that reminded me of more democrat hypocrisy. Some were talking about how some European countries have seen the disaster of mass immigration and seek to stop it. Some democrats are upset because they say countries like Italy and the US can't exist without mass immigration because of declining birth rates. They tell us Italy has a 1.2 child birth rate per woman and for a country to survive it must be as least 2 per woman.

There is one topic democrats never stop talking about, abortion. Anytime anyone talks about limiting abortions they fill the streets with protesters. This is confusing, if the birth rate is too low, why don't they try and give women routes other than abortion rather than encouraging them? Democrats should be working hard to improve adoption rates rather than pushing for more abortions, some to the point of delivery.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

What is a Moderate?

I've recently written, asking, What is a Political Conservative and What Is Normal. I might have failed to ask the most important question, What Is A Moderate? In my Political Ideology Ladder I have totalitarians on the far left and anarchist on the far right. You would think moderates would lie in the middle. That was probably my intention when I created the diagram, but since them I have decided it might be more complicated than I thought.

I was recently discussing drug and alcohol prohibitions with a conservative. I mentioned that conservatives were the ones who pushed for alcohol prohibitions. He confused the ideological conservative with the dictionary definition, but that's a common problem. I clarified by saying they were Christian conservatives who pushed for alcohol prohibition. He then told me Christians were moderates, not conservative.