Saturday, December 25, 2010

Warren Buffet and the Death Tax

Warren Buffet and the Democrats tell us they need to take property from the greedy rich people when they die. The Democrats have decided that you don’t deserve any money or property in which you didn’t earn. They decided the government has the right to redistribute that wealth

On the surface, all this might sound good to those who believe in wealth redistribution. Once you begin to dig into estate taxes, things may not be what you believed. Warren Buffet pushes hard for the estate tax. There is a good reason he does this, and it’s not that he has a kind and giving heart. The very wealthy have a way around these estate taxes. They put money into huge insurance policies worth millions. Insurance money isn’t taxable through the estate or income tax.

Warren Buffet coincidentally owns many of these insurance companies. As long as there is a death tax he is able to sell these massive policies, which without an estate tax they wouldn’t be needed.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Obama Shrugged: The Searches

Jane walked out of the department store and handed the package to Melissa. The young girl eagerly took the package since it held her new sweater. The girl had always wanted a sweater, but since Obama placed tariffs on imported knit products, they were in short supply and rationed. When you did have the opportunity to buy knit products, they were priced out of reach for the average citizen. Melissa pointed at the crowd ahead and asked, “What’s those people doing mommy?”

“I’m not sure honey,” replied Jane.

The mother and child closed in and there was a man with a police officer twisting an arm behind his back. The officer said authoritatively, “You go into the body scanner willingly, or I take you to the van and remove your clothes where we check you for weapons.”

A moment later the officer shoved the cursing man into a black van. Usually people stepped into the scanners without instance, but there were still people unhappy with the law. Just as the crowd cleared and Jane started to walk past the scanning station, a police officer said, “Ma’am, would you please step inside the scanner?”

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Why Does Congress Not Read The Bills?

The Democrats roll out a 2000 page $1.1 trillion spending bill and tried to ram it through congress. They have no idea who wrote the bill; what’s worse, they don’t care. The people stood up and screamed when the Democrats did the same thing with the 2400 page health-care bill. It would take a team of lawyers a week to just read these bills.

We now know the health-care bill had been written years ago by the left wing Apollo Foundation to which Soros gives millions. Are we ever told by congress who writes the bills? Do they expect Americans to be so gullible as to believe these bills were written that month? The Democrats have now been in power for four years. They have taken all this time to write, amend, or edit bills written by any number of organizations, and then waited for the waning days of the lame-duck congress in which to ram these bills through. The Democrats wanted to be sure no one else had the time to read these bills.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oil Drilling Ban: The Destruction of America

Today President Obama announced through the Secretary of the Interior that he has placed a seven year moratorium on new drilling in the eastern gulf, as well as a five year ban on Atlantic drilling. After the BP platform accident Obama placed a six months moratorium on gulf drilling.

Those on the right have been telling us from the beginning that the ban on drilling was never lifted. We had the leftwing media telling us the gulf ban only applied to deep water drilling. We know now that we were right and that the lame stream media was lying to the people. The ban after the BP accident applied to all new drilling and was never lifted.

We are at a time when every politician and individual in the country is calling for energy independence, yet we have a government that is banning oil drilling. The federal government recently took control of millions of acres of land in Utah and Alaska that could have been set aside for new sources of oil, while at the same time we import oil from our enemies at record rates. This is the same government that sent $3 billion to Petrobas to help explore drilling off the coast of Brazil. Do I need to mention that George Soros owns 3 percent of the mostly state owned Petrobras? Petrobras is the lone operator of all oil fields in Brazil.