Monday, March 21, 2011

Why is Obama The Reluctant Warrior?

Sometimes those of us who very closely follow politics and world events  just sit back and scratch our heads. This has been my reaction to the attack on Libya. I sat and listen to all the talking heads, especially conservatives that go on about how the USA is not taking the lead in the Libyan attack. There is a simple answer for this.

We have to look back to the relationship Gaddafi had or has with Reverend Wright and Louis Farrakhan. There is evidence that on more than one occasion Gaddafi gave millions to Farrakhan. We all know that there is a close relationship between Farrakhan, Wright, and Obama.

Black Liberation Theology and the Nation of Islam are not that far apart in their ideology. We have President Obama who is an anti-colonialist. It only makes sense that the three of the men and groups are allied. Toss in Gaddafi who hates the USA and you come up with close allies. If not for the huge transfer of funds to the Nation of Islam we might not complete this tie. As recent as 1996 Gaddafi awarded Farrakhan the Al-Gaddafi award for human rights, which furthers the connection.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wisconsin, Land of Theft and Corruption

Since the early twentieth century we have heard about union corruption. Those that are younger than myself no longer have to read about it in history books. They have seen that same corruption on stage in Wisconsin.
If we were to rely on the leftist media we would know only that private citizens were fighting for the right to collective bargain. This is much more than collective bargaining, this is about bribery and public corruption. More than 95% of the Wisconsin union’s contributions go to Democratic candidates or the party itself.  They elected democrats that will in turn give the union more power and benefits. This was a vicious circle that has to be broken.

If I could have had my way, public sector unions would be abolished, not just in Wisconsin, but in the federal government as well. We have union leaders mandating classroom size and the curriculum in schools. This is giving unions power that people thought they were giving to elected school-board members. I often write about how the Executive branch of the federal government is bypassing the Legislative branch, this is much the same thing. In both cases we have non-elected individuals making law or rules for public or private institutions.