Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Stolen Land

For years we have seen people posting memes about how the white, mainly British, people stole land from native Americans(indians). There is no doubt some things that happen in the past wouldn't be acceptable today. Almost every country in the world has had its borders changed because of war and colonization. The world of 300 years ago was a lot different from the one in which we live today—or is it?

President Obama made it clear he was against African colonists. Not all aspects of British colonization were bad, but I want to speak more to the colonization of North and South America. I've watched over the years as a friend and others posted memes about how white people stole native lands. This is something that happened 300 years ago, but we're reminded of it daily.

You might be asking why we're reminded of something that happened 300 years ago, and why are white people of today being blamed? No one alive in America today stole anyone's land. This is simply a political tool devised by the Democratic Party to divide the nation in order to gain power. I've written before how Civil War history has been revised by both parties for political gain.