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This is another revision to my ideology graphic. I believe this one more accurately reflects what we have today. Some might be confused by where I placed the perceived moderate. I believe most people fall in that category even though they might think they are more to the left. Most people are sadly driven by party instead of personal beliefs. Most people vote for whom they believe cares the most for them.

Because the US Constitution, by which all other laws are measured, that should be the moderate. Because too many people no longer care about the Constitution, I have placed it on the edge of moderation. The Kennedy administration is a good point to begin the modern moderate. He seemed to try to adhere to the Constitution, while his party might have been more progressive. Because of the FDR period it was impossible to move Kennedy farther to the right because of his connection to the Democratic Party.

The media and the left try to portray Nazism as the right, when in fact it is the hypothesis of the left. Socialism and fascism must belong on the political left.

Update 2018: I realized the chart left out conservatives. Conservatives are hard to place because some are for less government in everything except social issues. For that reason I placed them just to the left of the Republican Party.

Update 2019:  
This past year the term “nationalism” needed to be better defined. Nationalism has often been wrongly limited to mean white supremacy. Nationalism has always been the same as patriotism, but sometimes people saw it only as white nationalism. Because of the current conversation I had to separate the two.

Because of all the Jewish/Israel hate, I realized I needed to add another line for anti-Semitism. This hate isn't limited to any ideology. Democrats try to say Jewish hate comes from the right, but there is maybe more coming from the left. If you look at the white nationalism line, it goes to both extremes. This isn't to say that all Jewish hate is tied to white supremacy, only that neither is limited to a single ideology or party. We find many anti-Semitics who hate how republicans support Israel, while supporting democrats who side with Palestine over Israel.

Update 2024
The biggest update here is moving the Democratic Party and Progressives farther left. This has a lot to do with the persecution of Trump and other republicans, while ignoring the fact Joe Biden has been stealing classified documents since the 70s. 
I also moved the Libertarian party farther right because it's turned into a party of anarchists. It's no longer libertarian. 

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