Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I'm called the extremist

Each day I'm told over and over by the media how people who think like me are extremists. I was recently de-friended by someone on a social site because of my extreme views. Extremism is often relative to the other person's beliefs. I want to go over a few things that led this person to view me as an extremist.

The United States is approaching the so-called fiscal cliff and my belief is, in the end, the country might be better off if we take the dive. For a decade we have listened to government talk about cutting spending and then pat themselves on the back when they propose a spending bill that cuts projected spending by a few billion dollars. What they don't tell us is that once again, spending increases dramatically. We are running a trillion dollar deficit and neither party seems to care. The Democrats want to raise tax rates on the top 2% earners, which would raise only about $80 billion. Neither party is willing to rein in the IRS and look at all the deductions. They love deductions because that's how they repay those that contribute to their campaigns. Because I point out that taxing the top 2% is simply misdirection, and say we get only double speak from both parties, I'm called an extremist.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Legislating Morality and Speech

Many conservatives will tell us that violence, along with a general lack of morals in movies, needs to be controlled. They believe in the moral decay of our nation. This is not about if they are right or wrong. This is about those that wish to use government to control these issues.

The Supreme Court has ruled time and time again that the government must be careful when it comes to controlling speech or freedom of expression. Despite these rulings the Federal Communications Commission continues to place limits on speech. There are certain words that cannot be said on broadcast television, while the same words are allowed on premium channels that air only on cable or satellite.