Thursday, November 30, 2017

Blacks, Crimes, and Sentencing

We have the NFL National Anthem protests about police injustice. That seems to also include minority sentencing. There is no doubt that blacks get longer sentences than whites. Pointing to racism is the usual reaction, but is that the reason? I am sure that could be some of the cause, but I suspect that's not the global reason.

We know that blacks and other minorities make up a large portion of the gang activity in US cities. I suspect that a gang member will get more prison time for possession of cocaine than someone who isn't in a gang.

We also know that crack cocaine is more widely used by blacks than whites. Crack often gets a longer sentence than other drugs because it's one of the most addictive drugs on the streets. A person can get addicted from a single use. A crack addict once told me he would sell his mom for a rock. He surely didn't mind stealing from his mother.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Seeking Life In America

When I first looked at this drawing on Facebook my mind went to the US/Mexico border. As I read through the comments, I saw that many agreed with me, while some saw Israel and Palestine, and a few saw it as South Africa, even though there is no wall.

Why would the leftist artist drawing this see Mexico as a slum area? We know Mexico has areas like Acapulco where people from all over the world vacation. We know cities like Mexico City look like most large cities around the world.

We're told everyday that people sneak into the USA to find a better way of life. What's wrong with life in Mexico? In 2016 Mexico had an unemployment rate less than 4%. That should indicate the country is thriving, especially when we look at the number of US factories that move, daily, to Mexico. In Mexico they have free healthcare, so that shouldn't be a reason to flee the country.