Wednesday, November 28, 2012

And they came for the children

You cannot find a Republican source that isn't trying to define why they lost the 2012 presidential election. All logic dictates that with an 8% unemployment, Obama should have lost, except he didn't. The loss was an electoral landslide, while the popular vote was close.

The only thing that matters at this point is the loss. Romney was a weak candidate, but he was portrayed as the only man that could beat Obama. What republicans don't understand is it doesn't matter if the candidate is good or bad. Most people vote with their feelings.

After Sandy hit and we saw Governor Christie parading Obama around telling us what a fantastic job he was doing, people sitting on the fence fell to Obama's side. They felt he cared. It's not even important if he did care, it's the fact that he projected that image.

Wasted vote

I just watched an electoral landslide victory of a lesser of two evils. Obama was not the man of hope and change that people believed him to be. He has been a failure as president. It should have been impossible for him to win with nearly 8% unemployment, yet he did.

A lot of people are sitting around wondering what went wrong. The wrong is the two parties. We are forced into positions where we must elect someone that will either expand federal power a lot, or a little.

I think we can reduce this to gay marriage. No, this is not about the Republican Party’s stand against gay marriage. It doesn’t matter if we have a republican or democratic president, those laws never change. The mistake is that people think they vote for someone who will help them legalize their relationships.