Thursday, June 7, 2007

Federal Failure

Today was a good day in America. Congress worked together to come up with a new immigration law. Today that law failed to come to vote and was sent back to committee, where most go to die. This bill will reemerge, but at least this version is effectively dead. Those for the bill claimed that it had to pass this one or to continue the status quo of doing nothing.

Those of us that have opposed this bill do so for one reason, why pass more laws when no one wants to enforce the current ones. Once the current laws are enforced, there is true effort to build the 720 miles fence that congress has already approved, and then only can we look at changing the current laws.

No doubt we need to expand the quota of immigrant workers. I doubt anyone will argue that point. The Kennedy-McCain bill did provide for that. That bill had a lot of good points. There were also many bad points. There is no need for me to go over that bill verbatim.