What's a Teatarian

I came to consider myself a Tea Party participant sometime in 2008. After standing on the Capitol lawn on 9/12 2009 there was no doubt. The Tea Party movement is primarily about fiscal issues. The movement is greatly divided when it comes to social issues. I realized after the 2012 presidential election social issues are too important for some to be placed on the back burner, even when the country is falling apart fiscally. This is when I realized the Tea Party might have become outdated and that I personally needed to return to my libertarian roots. I decided the perfect political philosophy would be a mixture of the Tea Party and libertarian beliefs.

Below is an effort to lay out the Teatarian beliefs. These are not set in stone, suggestions are always welcome. We must always keep in mind that the best Teatarian solution is one with less government, or at least government limited to the Constitution as intended by the founders.

  1. All governments should endeavor to be as fiscally responsible as possible. Whenever possible governments should look for free market solutions. Competition always leads to lower costs.
  1. Borders and immigration should be tightly controlled. Once unemployment reaches certain levels all work visas should be suspended except for highly skilled trades or those for which labor is desperately needed.
  1. Work to remove most gun ownership restrictions except for violent felons. Those found to posses weapons illegally should face severe punishment. Work to stop the federal government from selling weapons to anyone except to designated allies.
  1. Reduce scope and power of the FDA with the possibility of eliminating it on the federal level. Drug legalization should be done on local levels. The federal government should have no authority over drugs, both legal or illegal. If a state needs assistance in the control of a drugs across state boundaries then they can ask for assistance from the FBI. The DEA should be eliminated. Homeland Security should be eliminated. Crimes omitted due to drugs should carry extreme sentences.
  1. Work to change the electoral college so that votes are cast by district and not all or nothing statewide.
  2. Repeal all amendments to the Constitution starting at 11. This does not mean that we seek a return to slavery or that women shouldn't vote. The Constitution is clear that all Americans are equal under the law. Slavery is illegal and will remain that way so there is no need for amendments that refer to slavery.
  1. The Teatarian should stress that Americans are free to worship religion as they please. Also stressed is they have the equal right to not believe in any religion.
  1. Gay marriage becomes a non issue because the Teatarian works to removed government's authority over marriage. All citizens are taxed equally no matter marital status or the number of children. Government can set a minimum of contractual standards concerning partnerships.
  2. Income and property taxes should be eliminated. Governments should raise capital through some form of sales tax.
  3. Federal spending should be limited to 18% of GDP except in extreme emergencies.
  4. Eliminate corporate taxes. Federal business taxes should be eliminated.
  5. Eliminate sin taxes. One item shouldn't be taxed differently than another.
  6. A commission set up to look at all the Supreme Court rulings. Once a list is compiled some 
    means needs to be decided on how to deal with the illegal or outdated rulings.
  7. Allow competition between insurance companies among all states. Encourage co-ops whenever possible.
  8. Return control of education to the states. Eliminate the Department of Education.
  9. Eliminate the Department of Energy.
  10. Return all federal lands back to the states. Exceptions for military bases and areas determined to be national treasures.

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