Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Democratic Party Coup

Democrats have been talking seriously about abolishing the Electoral College. They are upset that Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election, despite winning the popular vote. Her lead in the popular vote could have been attributed to the people of Los Angeles, alone. If the US was a democracy instead of a constitutional republic, a handful of cities could decide the presidency.

In America, the founders intended for each state to be a self governing country. The federal government was created to form a common defense, and so that states could trade freely across borders. States joining together under a republic had many benefits, yet still allowed each state to govern independently. A person living in New York City can't begin to understand what life is like in rural South Carolina. Each Eastern state or region has an economy that's different from one on the West coast. The Electoral College insures the people of Iowa have equal power to those in New York City.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Democratic Socialism Failures

What's the difference between regular socialism and Democratic Socialism? There is none, because socialism usually ends in a tyranny, American socialists believe they can bring in more people if they say their form will be better because people will be allowed to vote for their leaders. Simply put, it's just an illusion because Democratic Socialists want to have total control.

Socialism seems to be the topic of interest for democrats. I doubt most of the people bashing capitalism and praising socialism even know what it is. What most socialists talk about is free college and medical care. Those are social programs, but not socialism. Socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization, which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

The important part of this is their use of “community.” Leftists make it sound as if community is you and your neighbors making decisions. Technically, that is correct, but in truth, you would elect people to make those decisions. We call those people government. If you listen to Democratic Socialists, they are always talking about expanding federal power. Many might find socialism acceptable if it was done on a local level, but people in Washington, DC know absolutely nothing about your community.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Gentrification And Economic Change

We have heard a lot about how a few New York residents fought off Amazon from building a new headquarters in the city. There were a lot of arguments as to why they thought the new headquarters was a bad deal for the city. There was one aspect I thought was bad—The city was going to give Amazon $300 million in grants. No city should give away money and assets to lure corporations to the area, even if it would mean huge economical gains for the area. The only exception might be if citizens voted for the assistance, such as when they have referendum votes to build sports stadiums.

Amazon was promised $3 billion in tax breaks. It seems impossible to explain to leftists that a tax break is letting someone keep their money, not giving them money. I wrote in Reasoning Behind Eliminating Business Taxes how a business doesn't pay any taxes, because they pass those costs on to the consumer. For this reason a tax break shouldn't matter. For some reason, democrats seem to believe the city will lose $3 billion if Amazon comes.