Friday, December 7, 2018

Climate Hypocrisy

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez framed her chosen climate policy—the Green New Deal. Since she first mentioned the phrase, leftists have been cheering her plan, even though no one has a clue what the Green New Deal entails. One of the main things the deal proclaims to do is to create new green jobs. As of this writing, nationwide unemployment is 3.7 Percent. These democrats say they will create new jobs installing solar panels made in the world's largest polluting country, China. Where will they find all this new labor?

The Paris Accord that democrats are upset the USA pulled out of, gave China a pass on carbon emissions. These democrats want to use solar panels made in China, which is buying all the coal the USA can produce for their dirty power plants. I have not heard one thing the Green New Deal will do to reduce carbon emissions in countries such as China. It seems to only expand China's pollution.

This is more than about energy, it's a power grab. Ocasio-Cortez suggested the federal government should nationalize Tesla’s technology because of the company’s receipt of tax subsidies. Ocasio-Cortez said:

“I think that there's so much work that has been done and there are some outlying questions, especially when it comes to investment in technologies, when we as a public choose to invest in private — when we as a public choose to invest in new technologies, we deserve a return on that investment. And for far too long we gave money to Tesla, we gave money to a ton of people, and we got no return on our investment that the public made in creating technologies. And it's about time that we get our due, because it's the public that funded and financed a lot of innovative technologies and that's another, you know, way to go."
These words sound more like those that would come from a dictator. If it was only her saying this it wouldn't matter, but she is building a following. Everything she and climate extremists talk about will destroy the poor and middle class economies. It seems one of the first actions of the new Democratic House will be to pass Cap N Trade and carbon taxes. Both of these things will be devastating to the middle class because all these new taxes will dramatically increase the cost of all goods and services.
The UN is calling for a $49 tax on gasoline. This kind of tax means people would be unable to work, or they would be unable to afford food because most food is grown far from where people live.
People like Ocasio keep talking the same game plan, but do they truly believe in climate change? The United Nations climate summit in Poland this week will emit more carbon dioxide than the yearly average of 8,200 American homes, according to Environmental Protection Agency and U.N. estimates.
COP24, as the summit is called, is expected to emit approximately 55,000 tons of carbon dioxide over the course of the 60-day conference in Katowice. This much carbon dioxide, according to the EPA, is also equivalent to the emissions from 11,700 cars driving for one year and 728 tanker trucks worth of gasoline. This doesn't even cover air travel and you can be sure most of these people will be flying in private jets.

If they truly believe in cataclysmic climate change, they would video conference this meeting. This is the 21st century where teleconferencing is as easy as walking through a door. These summits are about much more than climate, it's about a vacation and lots of partying, that's why they insist on going in-person and why it lasts two months.

If the UN truly believed in cataclysmic climate change they would invade countries like China that produces so much carbon, or place strong sanctions against them. So far all they've done is give China a pass on its emissions.

We've all heard about Al Gore and his huge mansion on the California coast, but let's look at others who shout the sky is falling. Many of those people live on the coast they predict will flood within 50 years. If they truly believed coastal areas will flood, why aren't they prohibiting building in future flood plains, or moving, themselves? Are they not concerned about their children's future? Can you imagine relocating, possibly, 50 million people from the coast when the flooding starts? Look at the mess when many people moved from New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. If they truly believed in cataclysmic climate change they would be building sea walls or moving inland, but they aren't. Their only solution is to raise taxes and to take over private industry.

MSNBC’s Katy Tur had an existential crisis on national television Tuesday while discussing a New Yorker article on climate change.
“I read that New Yorker article today and I thought gosh, how pointless is my life,” she said. “And how pointless are the decisions that I make on a day-to-day basis when we are not focused on climate change every day, when it’s not leading every one of our newscasts?”
This came after President Trump defied members of his administration who think we’re all going to die in a Day After Tomorrow(A movie) type apocalypse if we don’t quit driving cars and using plastic straws. At the G20 Summit in Argentina, Trump refused to sign a climate pact with other heads of state.

 In France, President Emmanuel Macron was forced to reconsider a gas tax that was to be implemented in the name of reducing fuel emissions after angry protesters and rioters burned Paris. He and the left thought the protests were only about gas taxes, but they are about the extreme climate policies that will do them economic harm. If Macron believed in the doomsday scenario he would have sent in troops to take down the protesters instead of withdrawing the gas tax. If saving 7 billions lives rested on taking out thousands of protesters, which would you do?

If circumstances were so dire, cars and fuel would be hard to buy. There would be rotating blackouts if they truly thought the world would end. All meat products would be outlawed. You can say this isn't happening because Republicans are in power, but they didn't happen when Democrats were in control.

If you look closely at the New Green Deal, you will find they mostly want taxes they think won't affect themselves. Climate extremists want change, but they don't want that change to affect them unless it's something cool like being a vegan or driving a Prius.

Maersk , one of the largest shipping companies in the world said they will be carbon free by 2050. This excited democrats in America. This sounds great, but there is one problem, the technology has yet to be invented. This is the problem all around, we don't have the technology to replace fossil fuels. One thing is for sure, wind and solar won't do the job, nor will taxes. Taxes will only only start a revolution as it's doing in France.

Climate extremists don't want to talk about the pollution created in creating solar panels and batteries. Just imagine how much diesel fuel it takes to haul rare earth metals to China and then to ship the finished batteries and solar panels back to the United States. These processes use chemicals that should make the average greenie shiver in fear.
In progressive controlled states we're seeing the legalization of marijuana. Each time they light up, that is just more carbon placed into the atmosphere, the same can be said for tobacco. At least growing marijuana and tobacco absorbs carbon, even if the burning of those plants releases many toxic chemicals.

We also find, it's the climate extremists who are for open borders with unlimited immigration. The people they are letting into the country tend to have more children than people born in the USA. Sure, they add to the global carbon dioxide release no matter where they live, but we can only control the USA. This country is judged by it's release of carbon, so that means we must limit immigration. The more people we allow to enter the country, the more it impacts America's carbon pollution. This might be the climate extremist's greatest hypocrisy.

If climate extremists truly believed, they would be working to limit births in third world countries. Recently, one of these extremists complained that the US stopped aid money that went to supplying birth control to those countries. Once again, the extremist wanted others to pay for their beliefs. If they truly believed, they would be organizing and supplying birth control to these countries.

There is no doubt we need to limit the release of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, but we must act with common sense and not destroy our own country's economy, while much of the world goes on as normal. There is one thing for which you can be sure, political gain and personal convenience will always be more important than their belief in climate change.

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