Monday, May 27, 2019

Democrat Bail Reform

Every weeks it seems democrats have some new plan to solve all our problems. This week it's bail reform. They say requiring bail is racist and bigoted. They are telling us that more blacks are in jail than whites because they can't pay the smallest bail. For this reason they want to do away with the bail system all together. So far, I have heard no clear plan for a replacement, just elimination.

Imagine this scenario. A mass murderer is arrested. Instead of placing him in a police car, he is handed something similar to a speeding ticket that tells him to call a number to find out when he can appear before a judge. He is then released back into the public while he awaits trial.

I did lay out the most extreme case, but I saw nothing on that said anything to the contrary. Even if they wanted to eliminate bail for non-violent offenders, they would still leave a lot of dangerous people walking the streets. You might say innocent until proven guilty, but police spend a lot of time and money to find alleged criminals. This is why we have bail hearings to decide who should be detained and who can be released.

Democrats tell us everyday how all doctors, nurses, police and judges are racist, and biased against the poor. I'm sure there are instances where this is true, but I like to have more faith in people than to call them all racist. I've known police, doctors, and nurses who were fine people who don't have a racist bone in their body.

There are issues with the justice system—sure, some of it is due to racism and bigotry, but not for the most part. Is the bail system fair? I am absolutely sure it is. Are the people running the system fair? Clearly not all of them. Democrats tell us we need to replace the system, or even remove parts, like bail, but all that needs to be done is to replace some of the people operating the system.

I've been watching this new television series, The Code, about the military court system. I have no idea if the show is an accurate depiction of how it works, I just know what I see in the show is how the civilian court system should work. The prosecutor has only one goal, the same one as the defense, find the truth. Often the prosecutor and defense are working side by side to find the truth. The problem we have in the real system is the prosecutor wants to win at any cost because that's how they are judged for promotions and raises. The truth doesn't matter, when it is all that should matter.

The democrat solution to every problem is a new law. We have too many laws and codes, already. If a judge or police officer is proven to be discriminating, they should be removed from the job. It's rare to hear about a judge being removed from the bench. Even when they are elected, we see them stay on the bench for decades.

It seems most of these problems are occurring in democrat run cities. If democrats truly had the solutions, why aren't we seeing them put into place in these cities? Cities would be the perfect place to form healthcare and justice reform experiments. Democrats never try their plans in test areas because they don't care about helping people. Their goal is to control the nation. Leftists have always believed they need total power for their plans to work. It's for this reason they always face so much resistance.

No one wants to see people discriminated against for any reason. If you speak out against a plan such as Bail Out, you are called a racist. Simply speaking out against a plan doesn't mean we don't see the problem. We also see the problem is too often being inflated in order for democrats to gain votes and power.

No problem is easy to solve, but you can't begin with the most complex solution. As someone who spent a lifetime troubleshooting problems, I learned one thing, if you don't solve the root of the problem, it will return. Reducing crime would be the best possible fix, but the simpler one is getting rid of the people causing the problems. That doesn't mean just eliminating judges, it also means not listening to people who are screaming to end the bail system. You will find they are picking through millions of court cases to find a handful where the system failed.

One of those cases stands out because I remember it from the news. A black lady was stopped for a simple traffic violation. The officer asked her to put out her cigarette, and she refused. If she had simply done as she was asked, she would have gotten her ticket and been on her way. Instead, she decided to curse the officer and was eventually arrested. A few days later she was found dead in her cell. She hung herself with a garbage bag,

It was said the lady had mental issues and the jail didn't get her the help she required. I'm confident her mental problems started long before she was stopped that day, and long before she failed to pay bail. Some say if we had free healthcare she could have gotten mental help. The thing is, in a free society it's hard to force someone into a mental health facility. The point of this, the bail system was simply a ripple in this lady's problems. This lady would have eventually killed herself even if she had not been arrested. It's likely her mental health issues are what caused her arrest.

This is just one more instance of democrats using a complicated case to push their agenda. Those who care would be looking into her past to find out what caused the mental problems, instead of using them for political purposes.

It's time we started solving problems instead of playing political games. If people spent more time problem solving than arguing over political talking points, we might get something done. It's time to forget party loyalty and look objectively at the problems. It's fine listening to your friends, but think for yourself.

To learn more about my thoughts on crime, check out Blacks, Crimes, and Sentencing and Interacting With Police.

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