Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wisconsin, Land of Theft and Corruption

Since the early twentieth century we have heard about union corruption. Those that are younger than myself no longer have to read about it in history books. They have seen that same corruption on stage in Wisconsin.
If we were to rely on the leftist media we would know only that private citizens were fighting for the right to collective bargain. This is much more than collective bargaining, this is about bribery and public corruption. More than 95% of the Wisconsin union’s contributions go to Democratic candidates or the party itself.  They elected democrats that will in turn give the union more power and benefits. This was a vicious circle that has to be broken.

If I could have had my way, public sector unions would be abolished, not just in Wisconsin, but in the federal government as well. We have union leaders mandating classroom size and the curriculum in schools. This is giving unions power that people thought they were giving to elected school-board members. I often write about how the Executive branch of the federal government is bypassing the Legislative branch, this is much the same thing. In both cases we have non-elected individuals making law or rules for public or private institutions.

Each year the NEA(National Education Association) receives approximately $200 million in dues from its members. You can buy a lot of Democrats with that kind of money, and they have done just that.The only way we can allow public sector unions is if we banned them from making political contributions. Anything short of that is inviting corruption. If unions were not exempt from antitrust laws, then this thing wouldn’t be allowed.

We have seen the unions send paid thugs to attack Tea Party protestors. We watched the same union thugs do a million dollars worth of damage to the Wisconsin capital. I refuse to accept that it’s teachers, firefighters, and police officers committing such behavior, but if any were involved, they should be fired.
I was at both 9/12 rallies, as well as the 8/28 event. We were called vile names by the media, while those thugs in Wisconsin are being heralded as heroes by the mainstream media. What madness has taken hold for this to happen? I sometimes think I have awakened to find myself in some topsy-turvy universe where good is bad and bad is good.

The Democratic legislators of Wisconsin are simply cowards. They refuse to do the jobs for which they were elected. They run and hide to try and circumvent the legislative process. I would never vote for a Republican or Libertarian that did the same. The media should be ashamed for making heroes out of traitors.
What we are witnessing in Wisconsin is evidence that the progressives will get violent if they are challenged. I hope we can peacefully turn this country around and restore the constitution, but I now wonder. The Tea Party has to always be an example of civility if we are to turn the majority of the people in our favor. So far it’s working and we are winning.

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