Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wasted vote

I just watched an electoral landslide victory of a lesser of two evils. Obama was not the man of hope and change that people believed him to be. He has been a failure as president. It should have been impossible for him to win with nearly 8% unemployment, yet he did.

A lot of people are sitting around wondering what went wrong. The wrong is the two parties. We are forced into positions where we must elect someone that will either expand federal power a lot, or a little.

I think we can reduce this to gay marriage. No, this is not about the Republican Party’s stand against gay marriage. It doesn’t matter if we have a republican or democratic president, those laws never change. The mistake is that people think they vote for someone who will help them legalize their relationships.

The mistake is that marriage shouldn’t even be the issue. Government shouldn’t even have the power to make the decision if gays can be married or not. Two people should be equal no matter their marital status or by what gender they choose to love. The mistake is giving government too much power over our personal lives.

For decades it has been the democrats that are perceived to be the ones to support gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana. Despite decades of elections the democrats have failed to progress either agenda on the federal level. I have a word of wisdom for the democratic voter, they never will. The one single rule of power is to never give away any of that power.

Both political sides believe government is out of control. Other than the devout communists and socialists, democratic voters believe federal power must be reduced. I must ask the question, why do we keep electing people that only expand federal government?

At the poll my first impression was to vote for Gary Johnson. I didn’t, of course, because I knew Obama needed to be removed from office. I have been told that voting Libertarian is a wasted vote. Clearly a vote for Romney or McCain was a vote wasted. Rest assured, I will never waste another vote again.

No matter if you are democrat or republican you need to step up and vote for those who will truly work to progress your issues. I have no idea who will run for president next time, but if we elect anyone that doesn’t have libertarian principles then this country is dead. The next step will be to divide the country.

Our government lies to us every day. We tend to overlook those lies if they come from our party of favor. We ignore the lies and half-truths of the news media as long as it supports our political belief, or it advances our personal causes. At some point personal liberty and states’ right to make choices must win out or we all lose. For those who voted for the election winner, yes, your vote was wasted as well.

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