Friday, May 24, 2013

Boy Scouts Admit Gays

The Boy Scouts of America has made the decision to allow openly gay scouts. Since the beginning scouts have had sexually active gay boys in the organization. Allowing the boys who are openly gay to join the scouts is the correct thing. I think It would be better to know which boys were gay so that on outings they aren't allowed to share tents and cabins. This would be essentially the same as separating sleeping arrangements by gender.

The people running the scouts still will not allow gay leaders. For some reason too many people believe gay adults are pedophiles, while statistics show otherwise. The anti-gay people point to a 1988 study (Erickson et al. (1988). Behavior patterns of child molesters. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 17, 77-86 ) that says 86% of the men found molesting boys were gay or bisexual. I dare to argue that a straight male won't molest young boys, but they will molest young girls. We can apply the same statistic that 86% of the molesters of young girls are male. All stats bare out the fact the majority of child molestation comes from males. If we apply the logic 86% of child molestation comes from men, then maybe the scouts should allow only female scoutmasters.

We can look to any conservative, and many republican websites to find disdain at the decision of the scouts to allow openly gay boys. Most often that disdain will be followed by a quote from the bible. At some point the writers will point out that they have many gay friends, but that they find the act sinful and that it's an abomination to God. I personally ask, how can anyone be friends with someone who views them in such light?

I have written many times how the left uses the topic of homosexuality against republicans. All they have to do is mention the word “gay” and any discussion board will fill up with how god hates gays. If a political party is to succeed they must treat all people as Americans, with all having the same rights under the law. When a party uses the bible to give liberty to some while denying it to others, it will soon fail.

For decades the bible has served republicans and conservatives well. Both parties have made laws based on religion. The democrats used the bible to support slavery and segregation. Times have changed since the 50's Even though most people still identify with being Christian, they are more open to social change. Even many gay people are Christian. We find ourselves living in a time where sex out of marriage is common and generally accepted. We are finding sodomy and laws pertaining to consenting sex disappearing from law books.

If republicans and conservatives continue with speech that can be taken in no way other than bigoted, the party will go the way of dinosaurs. For me that would be sad because they are the only political groups that have so many other things right. Social conservatives will be the tool used to propel communism and Marxism into the mainstream. Many people will run from social conservatives. When someone runs away they will eventually run into something. The left gives some convincing arguments on how their policies can work. When personal acceptance is backed by the promise of a Utopian society, they will stop running and cling to that new friend.

With the IRS targeting conservative and Tea Party organizations some on the left support the IRS. The reason being they view those groups as racist and bigoted. This country has become more divided than ever. The left and right too often have strong hate for the other. I see both democrats and republicans embracing tyranny as long as it was their own.

This is fight where both parties cannot survive. Only one will come out as the dominant majority and that will be the Democratic Party. Right now, as always, the democrats are over reaching and that might weaken them for a while, but in the end they will win. I think that no matter which party becomes dominant or they both go back and forth, America will be the loser because no matter the party, government grows bigger and more domineering.

Note: First paragraph has been updated since original posting. 

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