Monday, November 4, 2013

Conservatives vs libertarians: The Divided Tea Party

I was reading the college thesis of Washington Times reporter, Jessica Chasmar, and she reminded me of the day I stood with thousands of people on the Capitol lawn on 9/12, 2009. That day I saw a movement that I believed could change the country forever. That was one of the proudest moments of my life. I had finally become a part of something great.

Today, late 2013, the progressives have full control of government. We see far left policies as norm of the day. We are witnessing one of the greatest government takeovers (Affordable Care Act) go into effect with, so far, disastrous results.

What happened to the Tea Party? It's being torn apart by those who use its name for money or power. It's being torn apart by those who believe it is a conservative movement. If you are not a social conservative, you are often ostracized.

The Tea Party was originally the accretion of people who came together because of TARP and other fiscal matters. For once, the social agenda had taken a backseat and the Tea Party managed to make significant change in the 2010 House.

Today, the Tea Party is unpopular and is often viewed as racist, or filled with bigots. There are instances of both, while I still believe there is a silent majority that are not either of those things. There are Tea Party websites that allow comments that can only feed negative views of the movement. It's time we stand up to those segments that put the Tea Party in a bad light.
Because of the weakening of the Tea Party movement, we now have a progressive government and it's moving more left as we speak. Unless social conservatives can form a truce with libertarian minded members, then the country for which we had hoped will never be. We will find ourselves back in the 30's and FDR.

The Democratic Party knows that in any debate or election against a social conservative, all he/she has to do is bring up social issues. The social conservative candidate will try to dance around the topic, but will in the end call for bigger government by demanding it maintain it's hold on marriage and the uneven application of taxes. One justice states there were 1100 laws that separate married couples from unmarried couples or single individuals.

Social conservatives and libertarians must find common ground or the country is lost. I believe that common ground must always be less government. Obama once said we must all sacrifice. We know he meant that only others sacrifice and that government should maintain growth. In order to make government sacrifice, we must first sacrifice ourselves. We must give up some of our favorite government protections. We must trust in the individual—ourselves—and the free market. Until the day most Americans can think of all citizens as equal and demand they all be treated equally under the law, the progressives are winning. If all people are equal under the law then progressives will no longer have the need for laws that support various citizen sub groups.

We cannot favor tax subsidies for housing. Through mortgage subsidies the government is buying the average American's vote. In time, without tax subsidies, mortgage rates would come in line with the natural free market. Are you willing to sacrifice for the future?

Home subsidies are only an example. It doesn't matter if it's government sanctioned marriage or subsidized infrastructure, we must be willing to sacrifice for the future. If libertarians and social conservatives stand divided, the $17($19 in 2016) trillion debt will be nothing compared to future debt. Many Americans have become too comfortable and secure. Many believe the USA will always be the strongest nation on the planet. We saw during the great depression what a progressive government can do to a powerful nation. It was put on it's knees to the point that Japan thought they could conquer the once great giant. It was only the war with Japan that saved the country from progressive rule.

It's not too late. Conservatives, go to your libertarian counterparts and think how much you are alike and not dwell on the differences. At least for today, leave the social battles on the local level and work to free the federal government from progressives.

Stop the name calling, reach out to progressives, and explain how smaller government can work. Teach them to trust in local rule and not federal rule. Teach them history and how power corrupts absolutely. Make sure you are always the calm voice in the room. Some think there can never be a Hitler or Stalin in the USA, but in some ways we already have them. We have elected presidents that are picked from a small list of party approved people. We have presidents, who through executive order, create law. Yes America, we are already living under tyranny in open disguise. United we stand, divided we fall. It's time to Unite America. To do that we must first unite the Tea Party. Become a Teatarian today.

Remember, libertarian isn't a party, it's a belief in individualism and smaller government.

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