Friday, February 7, 2014

CBO And Other Spin

While listening to all the spin about the CBO report on people leaving their jobs voluntarily due to the availability of insurance. I must say that conservatives have taken the wrong road on this topic. During my 33 years of working I met many people who had after hours businesses of their own and worked the hourly job only for the insurance.

I have also known people that would have retired early had it not been for insurance. People who have lived a thrifty life have set in place everything they need to exist outside a steady job. Some like myself chose this path in order pursue their dreams. I know of others who would, and have left to live off the meager income of their hobbies.

This doesn't justify federally subsidized insurance. This in no way defends any part of the ACA. But if it is the law and will potentially offer subsidized insurance, we must stick only to the facts. I believe in this case the democrats are correctly stating that some of those in the categories I mentioned above will leave their current jobs. This also doesn't mean they will stop working for others. They may simply work part time.

This will make full time positions available. No one in their right mind would say this is any kind of fix for shoring up the workforce. I suspect the numbers involved will be too negligible to matter. Some conservative commentators are saying some will leave the workforce for welfare. They could have done that before obamacare. To win this war me must fight the good battles and not grasp for every straw. There are too many real targets that can be attacked.

I wish there was some way to leave the workforce without taking great risk such as living with no insurance. If we fought and used the free market to bring insurance rates or healthcare cost down to an affordable rate for low level income earners, then more could pursue their dreams and possibly start the next 1000 employee company.

Obamcare is doing a good job tearing itself apart. Another thing I learned a long time ago while working and that is people will accept a lot of crap from their employer. But if you mess with their insurance they turn into a pack of wolves. I knew that unless the ACA went into effect almost flawlessly America would turn on the government like that proverbial pack of wolves. They can paint that pig any color they want, but in the end it will still stink. For this reason the talking heads need to stick to obvious battles without trying to create problems where there aren't.

We know the media is always looking for a new topic. Those people make their living talking. Sometimes their talking helps our cause, and sometimes they do great harm. For those of us who are little more than a voter we must be careful of what we echo. If we repeat something just because we heard our favorite talking head say it, then we might be doing our cause a terrible injustice. We must stay focused on the larger targets. The endgame is to shrink government, not making the democrats look bad. As we have often seen, if they are given enough rope they will hang themselves.

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