Monday, April 28, 2014

Societal Failure – Government Protectionism

In today's world we too often hear buzz words such as multiculturalism and diversity. For some they get a warm and fuzzy feeling from embracing such beliefs. The same people will in turn shout hateful rhetoric at those who might have different beliefs. History will likely show us that segments of the population embrace sub groups they perceive to be slighted, while having anger at those they believe to be slighting.

Everyone seems to be talking about this or that group needing protection, or believing they are victims of society. The reason for this is because most of us have, at times, found ourselves at the bottom, or an outsider in a group. In high school we would search for people who might also be outcasts or similar in personality to form our own group. There are some like myself who could float easily among all groups, but finding a true home with none – not because of others, but because of myself. I truly enjoyed diversity and often filled my life with some of the oddest and insane characters you will ever meet. That has at least made life interesting.

Throughout history we have found groups of people who were bound into slavery. Today, slavery is as prevalent as ever, yet few fight to free these people. We have a media that seems to talk daily about a new victim class, but rarely about today's slaves. With that said, we can never end victim-hood. As long as humans survive they will hold prejudices against their bothers and sisters for a variety of reasons. No law can protect us from prejudice. For the most part, laws have been written to promote discrimination. Demand freedom from government so that you can live your life as you see fit.

Today, there is a battle raging between different segments of society. This battle sometimes reaches extremes – too often to the point of physical combat. If you ever feel yourself in one of those groups and see yourself as the victim, the worst thing you can do is shout angry rhetoric. Anger and hateful words can only make people push you, and those like you, away. If there are only a few in your group who do the shouting, others will cast the entire group in the same light as those few. It's up to the many to control the few, or at least shout words of kindness to drown them out.

There is one thing for sure, life will always be filled with people of different personalities and desires. Kings and then governments were put in place to control disagreements among the different personalities. It is the rare exception where a nation will be nearly crime free. Those that have managed such an achievement have done so through brute force. To have a completely orderly society you must have a totalitarian government. For a few that is their wish. What they don't realize is that iron fist government will eventually squash your ability to do things you hold dear, whether it's your religion or the right to spend your life with the person you love.

The only way to insure that we can live life according to our own standards and beliefs, as long as it does no harm to your neighbor, is to have the least amount of government control as possible. The USA often has the largest prison population in the world – including countries with far more people. Despite the massive prison buildup and an encroaching police state, crime is still some of the highest in the world. Crime isn't high because Americans are more evil, but because there are far too many laws.

Each time we try to protect a new class of people, a new law must be passed. We have become a nation of laws that differ for each sub group. If you find yourself in one of these sub groups, I beg that you only ask for equal protection under the law. Even the appearance of seeking a slight advantage will propel other sub groups to use that to feed their prejudices.

Unless everyone in these sub groups can come to a truce and stop asking government for protection, we are facing a police state. We already have a militarized police force walking our streets using urban combat tactics they learned in Iraq and Afghanistan. Unless that is the world in which you wish to live, then you need to start appointing those with voices of reason as representatives. There are a few individuals who can represent all groups without prejudices. Seek out those people, they are your only hope. They are the only hope for mankind. Those people won't fulfill all your demands, but they will see to it that all are equal under the law.

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