Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Beginning of The End of America

There has been a movement since the 1930's to change America. Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Democratic Party used the Great Depression to begin a progressive takeover of the country. This takeover came in the form of higher taxes and price controls.

Today, we see the Democratic Party, the ideological left, using the same tactics. Progressives, despite the name, believes capitalism is the root of all evil. They believe government should either own or place tight controls on all businesses, no matter if it's large or small. Some might liken their goals and tactics closer to those of Karl Marx. In either case, the result is always failure.

The United States has never had a true free market, but it was much freer than most countries in the world. Today, the USA lingers between having the highest or the second highest corporate tax in the world. This is because progressives hold control of government. Even a large portion of elected Republicans are progressives.

Today, we have the controversy over National Football League players kneeling during the National Anthem. This supposedly started out as a protest against police brutality, yet the man who led the charge stood in a press conference wearing a t-shirt that praised communist dictator, Fidel Castro. For as long as I can remember, leftist democrats have been wearing Che Guevara t-shirts. Che was Fidel's strong arm and executed thousands because they refused to follow their communist leader.

The NFL anthem protest seems to have taken it's true form and turned into a president and country protest. These people confuse government and country. What the average leftist refuses to understand is how government is inherently corrupt, while country is a symbol and in the USA that symbol is one of freedom, despite it's checkered past.

Leftist, progressive democrats will often remind you about slavery in America, or how natives were treated. They will preach to you how whites have always done evil things to minorities. Minorities is the term we must look closely at because it is they who often suffer—no matter the skin color. We know white protestants in history suffered at the hands of Catholic rulers.

What we see happening today isn't about minority oppression, even if that's what we're told, it's about control. There is a lot of evidence that tells us the left wants a massive government. But they want their government, and only their government. Any government with any actions that don't fit their progressive ideal, is a bad government and must be destroyed, at any cost.

Progressives need weapons and soldiers. In the 60's they realized black Americans could be those soldiers. An army is most effective when it's filled with oppressed people and are fighting against the perceived oppressors. Anyone who knows history knows it was the Democratic Party that enslaved blacks, oppressed native Americans, and placed Japanese Americans in concentration camps. The Democratic Party has managed to convince their army that it was Republicans who did all those horrible deeds.

Since the 1950's, progressives have been importing Hispanics because they needed more warriors and voters. Today, at least 70% of both most populous minorities vote democrat. Each week some new controversy is cooked to anger either or both minorities. For a while now they have been spreading the myth that police are hunting down and murdering minorities, while the facts do not support such a supposition. In most of the cities where these shootings occur, minorities make up a large portion of the police force.

The theory is that angry people will vote. The Democratic Party uses the same tactics for every possible identifiable group, such as LGBT and women. If we look at LGBT or organizations for women, we will find they are really progressive in nature and protecting their identity group comes second. Organizations for women will attack conservative females who make great strides. Republican LGBT are slandered, not protected or applauded for their gains in society.

This is all about control. We have high schools banning the American flag because they see it as offensive. NFL players chose the American flag to protest, while saying it's not about the flag. This wasn't by accident. I doubt there is a group of people making these decisions. It's more likely those at the top have just brainwashed their following to hate the country. We know this brainwashing begins in kindergarten.

Communists, socialists, Marxists, and progressives are patient and willing to wait for their country to evolve. We are getting close to the end. We have the Anti-fascist groups rioting and burning in our cities. Despite their name, they are the true fascists. They are the ones wanting to silence any speech with which they disagree. They label anyone with an opposing opinion a fascist or white supremacist. Progressives have made it open game on so-called fascists. They believe it's okay to enact violence on those who disagree. By simply creating a label for people, progressives gain power over life and liberty.

The election of President Donald J. Trump was a reaction against progressives, but because they control so much of government, the man is essentially powerless. Those who fight against progressives and for the right to live their lives as they see fit, might try to elect another Trump. But the war might be coming to an end. We are likely facing the end of the USA as we know it.

Unless we can take back our schools and educate these progressive beliefs out of children, the country is lost. This might be an impossible battle because most people attracted to teaching jobs are progressives. They are pulled to these jobs because they want to teach their beliefs.

Progressives control 99% of the news media. They happily spread the lies needed to anger citizens to the point they burn and loot with the smallest of excuses. The best time to take over government is when the populous has been destabilized. Their goal is a civil war. At that time they can declare a national emergency and suspend all elections and the Bill of Rights.

On September 27, 2017 the Emergency Alert System tested its new upgraded system that allowed them, with the flip of a master switch, to turn off all cable and radio and replace it with an emergency alert system message. After some research, I found this test was attempted on September 28, 2016 and was a failure. My provider never showed the test.

Had I not been listening to the radio and flipping through premium movie channels, I might have never noticed how extensive this test was across all broadcasts. Imagine, with the flip of a master switch, your government can take control of every radio and television in America. You can be sure they won't stop there. I am sure they will include computers and phones in this program as soon as the the technical ability is found.

Do you want your government with this kind of power? Only under a doomsday scenario would such a system be needed. If I am right and true fascist progressives are staging a coup, do you want them with the power to take over every device and give you the information they want you to hear?

The next time you see a historic statue toppled to the ground by progressive thugs, or see an emergency broadcast message, remember, you were told the end game. Only you can end this progressive coup.

11/9/17 Update:

This week the NAACP’s California chapter called on Congress to remove “The Star-Spangled Banner” as the country’s official anthem, deeming it “racist.” They say the never used line, “Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution / No refuge could save the hireling and slave / From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,” is the reason it should be removed. I, for one, have never heard this version anywhere.

I personally see nothing racist about that line. It tells me that workers and slaves alike couldn't be safe from enemy fire. Those who died in the name of this country died for the lives of slaves as well as citizens. We can't erase history and pretend slavery never existed. What we can do is be honest about history while praising our forefathers for the good things they have done.

Left-wing progressives will use any aspect of history to end the greatest nation to have ever existed on the planet so that it can be replaced with their progressive Utopia. Only truth and common sense can save the United States.

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