Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Stolen Land

For years we have seen people posting memes about how the white, mainly British, people stole land from native Americans(indians). There is no doubt some things that happen in the past wouldn't be acceptable today. Almost every country in the world has had its borders changed because of war and colonization. The world of 300 years ago was a lot different from the one in which we live today—or is it?

President Obama made it clear he was against African colonists. Not all aspects of British colonization were bad, but I want to speak more to the colonization of North and South America. I've watched over the years as a friend and others posted memes about how white people stole native lands. This is something that happened 300 years ago, but we're reminded of it daily.

You might be asking why we're reminded of something that happened 300 years ago, and why are white people of today being blamed? No one alive in America today stole anyone's land. This is simply a political tool devised by the Democratic Party to divide the nation in order to gain power. I've written before how Civil War history has been revised by both parties for political gain.

When we're constantly reminded how evil white people practiced genocide and stole native lands, we aren't told the entire story because it doesn't fit their political narrative. I wonder if people on the left even know Spanish Conquistador history, about how they invaded South America and turned natives into slaves to mine gold. The horrors committed by Spain are well documented, but no one likes to talk about it because they aren't the ancestors of evil white people—They are the ancestors of Hispanics.

Because many Hispanics aren't white, the Spaniards can't be used as an example of how white people are evil. The fact that the left blames a single race for all problems is in itself racist. They don't seem to realize that many of the white people in America are Irish, whose ancestors were chased off their own land because of their religion. Some might try to tell you the Irish in America owned slaves. I'm sure there were some, but we also know the vast majority of white people in America never owned a slave.

We also know there was African slavery in South America. In Brazil, slavery wasn't outlawed until 1900. We also know that in Latin/Hispanic American countries, slavery still exists. In most cases the slaves are other Latinos/Hispanics who are forced to do the bidding of cartel drug lords. There are slavers all around the world today who are of every color. We know slavery is at a crisis point around the world, but we're told to be concerned about what white people did 300 years ago. There are more slaves today than there were 200 years ago.

Do you know why you hear more about white people stealing native lands than we do about sexual slavery? It's because most of the traffickers aren't white so it doesn't fit the political narrative. Today, we are in a fight with democrats to secure the border. There are at least 12.3 million enslaved adults and children around the world at any given time. According to the 2011 Department of State report, victims are largely from Thailand, India, Mexico, Philippines, Haiti, Honduras, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic. Many of these people end up at the United State's southern border. Courts have forced the border patrol to release children along with their slave masters. This is another instance where political gain is more important than race or stopping slavery.

Of course there are white people involved in human trafficking, but they aren't the majority. We find it's mostly brown people trafficking brown people, just like it was black Africans trafficking African slaves in the past. No entire race is evil because of the things a few do, but for political gain, the left will have you believe all white people are bad for the things a few did.

Everyday I see white people apologizing for their privilege while talking about living on stolen land. The phrase “You can't be illegal on stolen land” is frequently used in order to support open borders. If the US is on stolen land, so is Mexico and all of Central and South America. How much native blood must we have in order not to feel guilty for what our ancestors did? Are Latinos/Hispanics excused from guilt for some reason? It is some Latinos/Hispanics in the United States who often remind us about stolen lands.

We could say this is tied to the One World Order belief, but no one is asking Japan or China to open their borders. Only Europe, the United States, and Canada are attacked for being too white and guilty of colonization. Maybe this is just the first step to the One World Order because these nations are the economic powers.

The one thing of which you can be sure, this is about political power and a shift from capitalism to socialism or communism. It's hard to know for sure if any of this is truly about race. I was just reminded of a video where a woman is promoting abortion to children of all races. We know black women have the most abortions, so why would the left not be concerned if they truly care about African Americans? This is more evidence that this isn't about race.

Other than the desire for power, there is no way to know if there is a greater plan other than to install communism and socialism in the United States of America. The left around the world will do anything for power. At the end of the day they don't care about any race of people, they only care about their end game. The leftist group, the Weather Underground, once said that 14% of the US population would have to be eliminated when their beliefs came to power because that many people wouldn't accept the change. The Weather Underground thought they were creating change to make the world better, even if it meant millions of deaths.

I could develop a few conspiracy theories from all this, but think it's better if I just lay out some facts and thoughts and let you come up with your own conclusion. Just remember, the one thing for sure, it's all about gaining power, race is only being used as a weapon.

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