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Fake Hate Crimes List

Before I list the many fake hate crimes, let's talk about some recent events. We are just a few weeks into 2019, and we’ve already seen two high-profile instances of the left deliberately lying about Trump supporters to push their narrative that the right is dangerous. Democrats keep telling us how most hate crimes are committed by the right, but the Jussie Smollett case reminded us of how many fake hate crimes there have been. There are hate crimes committed by the left and right, but I'm not sure I ever heard of someone on the right committing a fake hate crime. (I should note that white supremacists aren't the ideological right, they span many ideologies.)

Many fake hate crimes are done to make the other side look bad, but some are done simply for attention, Smollett thought he could get enough attention to make him more famous and get a raise from his meager income of $100,000 per episode salary. Smollett also hated Trump, so it's no surprise he chose to portray his attackers as MAGA, white males.

In case you have been asleep, Smollett paid two black men to attack him at 2AM when it was -15 degrees in Chicago. The media made this their number one story for a week when they thought Smollett was the victim. This week Smollett was arrested for filing a false police report.

Maybe the worst hate crime of them all is when the Covington Catholic boys were accused of harassing a group of Native Americans. This might be the worst, because the media was the one who did the most damage. The native, while beating a drum, approached 16 year old Nicholas Sandmann, from Covington Catholic school, and stood face to face with the boy for several minutes. Others with the drum beater told the boys they should leave the country because they are on stolen land. The media might have destroyed Sandmann's future because they labeled him a racist with their wrongful portrayal of the events that unfolded that day. Sandmann is in the process of suing the news media and individuals.

Below are a few of the hate crimes from the past couple of years.

Right after Donald Trump’s election, the SPLC really stoked panic. A pro-gay Episcopal church in Indiana was vandalized with “Heil Trump,” a swastika, and an anti-gay slur. It turns out perpetrator was the gay organ player who did the writing. He was only charged with a misdemeanor.

Days after the Pittsburgh massacre, Trump supporters were blamed for Nazi vandalism at a Brooklyn synagogue and fires in a Jewish community. It turns out the perpetrator was a gay black man who had worked with the city council on an initiative to fight hate crimes.

One week before the presidential election, a black church in Mississippi was burned in an arson attack. “Vote Trump” was written on the building. After much panic, an investigation revealed that the man responsible was a church member.

In Nov 2016 a Muslim student at the University of Louisiana said two white racist, Trump supporters brutally assaulted her, ripped off her hijab, and robbed her. The story went viral. It was a lie. The media never identified her by name after the hoax was revealed.

Trump and his supporters were blamed for a spate of anti-Semitic, KKK and Nazi graffiti on the campus of Nassau Community College in Long Island in late 2016. The student responsible was Jasskirat Saini:

In Dec 2016 a Muslim woman said she was attacked by 3 white Trump supporters in NYC on the subway. She said they tried to rip off her hijab. Yasmin Seweid lied. CAIR said Muslims are under tremendous “stress & pressure” resulting in incidents like this. The incident never happened.

In Sept. 2018, a black woman in Long Island said Trump supporters confronted her and told her “she didn’t belong here.” Her car tire was slashed the next day and a hateful note was left behind saying “go home.” Adwoa Lewis made up the whole story.

In Nov 2018 students at Goucher College demanded social justice training and safe spaces after racist, Nazi, and KKK graffiti was found on campus. Someone even wrote the names of black students. Trump was blamed. Fynn Arthur, a black student, was responsible.

In 2017 St Olaf College was roiled by mass protests in response to anti-black notes found across campus. Class was canceled and the administration caved to demands. An investigation found that Samantha Wells, a black victim of one of the notes, fabricated the incident.

In Nov 2016 a Philadelphia neighborhood was rattled when property was vandalized with pro-Trump and anti-black messages. William Tucker was identified through CCTV footage as the vandal.

In Nov 2016, a black female student at Villanova University in PA, said a group of white men yelling "Trump!" knocked her to the ground on campus. However, a police and university investigation was halted because the student didn't want to pursue the matter.

In Nov 2017, near Kansas State University, a black man's car was vandalized with racist messages. Class was canceled while students held demonstrations. Dauntarius Williams later admitted to police that he did it himself. Police did not charge him.

In autumn of 2018 at Kansas State University, a note was left on an apartment that read, "Beware n***ers live here! Knock at your own risk." The "victim" admitted to police that he did it himself. This was the 2nd time he had fabricated a hate incident in 2 years.

University of Michigan student, Halley Bass, told police a Trump supporter attacked her by scratching her face in Nov 2016. She said she was targeted for wearing a pin in support of UK Remain. As her story fell apart, she admitted to scratching herself.

Who remembers when Trump was blamed for the spate of death threats to Jewish community centers across the US? Juan Thompson, a reporter who worked for The intercept, was convicted for the hoax threats and other offenses.

2016: Muslim student at University of Michigan claimed she was attacked by a white man who threatened to burn her hijab. It never happened. CAIR said the attack is “just the latest anti-Muslim incidents reported since the election of Donald Trump as president.”

One day after 2016 election, Eleesha Long, a student at Bowling Green State University in Ohio said that white males wearing Trump shirts threw rocks at her and hurled racial slurs. The alleged incident sparked outrage on campus, and the university hosted a "town hall." Long made it all up.

The police reports are laced with racist remarks against Trump supporters that she sent to her boyfriend and mother. According to reports, she used words like, "this is why you should take an IQ test to vote," "I hope they all get AIDS," "I haven't met a decent Trump supporter yet."

On election night, Canadian, Chris Ball said he was beaten by anti-gay Trump supporters in Santa Monica. His friend shared a photo on social media. Police said he never filed a report and he didn't go to any hospitals in the area.

Charlotte: April 2017, Curtis Flournoy set an immigrant business on fire and left a note saying “Trump is our nation builder for White America." When CCTV showed the perpetrator was black, some sites said it was a white Trump supporter in disguise.

Nov 2016: Students at Williams College in Williamstown, Mass, dumped fake blood on campus and wrote “AM KKK KILL." Campus police notified FBI and state police. An investigation found that perpetrators did it “to bring attention to the effects of the presidential election."

November, 2016, Chicago: Taylor Volk, a bisexual student at, Christian based, North Park University, said she received hateful pro-Trump, anti-gay messages. "This is a countrywide epidemic, all of a sudden,” she said at the time. The investigation found that she fabricated the story.

2016: A message was written at Elon University, that read “Bye bye Latinos, hasta la vista.” Students raged, saying the campus was unsafe a nd racist. Admin panicked. An investigation found that a Latino student wrote it as “commentary” on the election.

Two students at Babson drove through campus waving Trump flag and shouting, “Make America Great Again,” to celebrate the election. Peers said they spat on someone yelled racist and anti-gay slurs. This was a lie, but everyone believed it. They were kicked out their fraternity. And investigation cleared them of wrongdoing.

Nov 2016 Delaware: Ashley Boyer, who is black, said 4 white, racist males threatened her. She said charges were filed. After the social media post went viral, Smyrna Police announced that the incident was never reported. Boyer didn’t respond to journalists.

After the election, a professionally made banner in the East Bay area of Pittsburg, sparked fury. It read: "You can hang a n—r from a tree, equal rights he'll never see." People feared this was, now, Trump's America. The man who put up the sign was black and said he did it to protest the court system.

After the election, Kathy Tu, a student at Universty of New Mexco, said she was attacked by a racist, white male in viral Facebook posts. She said she fought back and was handcuffed by police. Students demanded campus suspend the racist. Campus police said they never interacted wth Tu.

In November 2016, a man in Malden, MA. told police he was confronted by two racist, white males who made a reference to lynching and said, “It isTrump country, now.” He fabricated the whole story.

In June 2018, Michael Kadar, a Jewish Israeli-American, was convicted for making hundreds of violent threats to US Jewish organzatons, schools, and community centers. Trump was blamed for the culture of anti-Semitism.

In 2017, a hate crime was reported, this one involving anti-Muslim messages painted on a residence hall door. But after a thorough investigation, detectives discovered the victim, 20-year-old Michael Kee, had painted the messages himself. Kee admitting to the crime, saying he wanted the same attention the campus was giving the other student.

Nov. 2018: Anthony Derlunas was watching a performance of Fiddler on the Roof in Baltimore. The story of the Jewish persecution reminded him of Trump, so he shouted "Heil Hitler, heil Trump!" Audience freaked out, thinking there was about to be a violent attack.

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