Saturday, July 13, 2019

Controlling Political Language

Democrats have this incredible power, and that's their ability to control speech and the narrative. In almost every instance, democrats will say “immigrant” in place of “undocumented” immigrant. They will sometimes use the latter when it's to position for a specific policy, but they will never use the legal term, “illegal alien.”

Another area where democrats love to play with the language is when they talk about transgenders. They will talk about “trans” and restroom use. Absolutely no one believes cross-dressing(transvestite) men should be using ladies restrooms, but many people believe transsexual women should use the ladies restroom. Democrats love to take everything to the extreme, so they will never limit the conversation to specifics.

For those who don't know the difference, men cross-dressing is considered a fetish. There are those who see themselves as non-gender binary, or having no gender, that isn't sexual in nature. I'm quite sure that even most democrats believe that only those who have begun hormone therapy should use the restroom of their visual gender.

The entire purpose for confusing language and labels is to create hate and division. The last thing democrats want is an honest conversation on any topic. If you don't want transvestites in ladies' restrooms, you're a bigot. If you want people to enter the country legally, you're racist and xenophobic. If you're against gay marriage, you hate gay people. This isn't to say some people don't hate LGBT, but democrats want to make it so that anyone who disagrees with them on any point, hates them all.

Democrats call Trump and Republicans racists and fascists when there is no evidence to support those claims. In Charlottesville where Antifa clashed with people protesting against the removal of Confederate statues, Trump said there were good people on both sides. Since that time, democrats have said that Trump called neo-nazis good people. Neo-nazis were only a small segment of the protesters, but they got the majority of media time because they marched wearing white and carrying torches. We saw very little of the original protesters who weren't racists—they just hated seeing history removed. Those were the ones Trump called good people.

Trump has been accused of calling immigrants rapists and murderers, but that is also false language. What he actually said was that people bringing in illegal immigrants were raping and murdering people. Trump actually made the statement because he had concerns for people crossing the border.

This brings us to another term democrats are trying to erase from the language, “illegal alien.” They will try and tell you that humans can't be illegal. This is despite the fact that “illegal alien” is a legal term. If you use the legal term, “illegal alien,” you are labeled a racist.

We often hear democrats saying Trump called immigrants animals. This came from Trump calling MS-13 and other gangs, animals. Once lies are repeated enough, it becomes impossible to convince devout democrat followers of the truth. It's for this reason I have often compared the Democratic Party to a cult. This isn't to say there isn't some cultish behavior on the right, but it's nothing compared to democrats.

How often have you heard that Trump is a fascist because he wants to shut down the news media? He often calls some of the media Fake News because they repeat all of the things I've mentioned so far. Another thing you won't hear from most of the media is that it was Hillary Clinton who coined the term Fake News. It was Trump who made it a catch phrase.

Anytime Immigration and Custom Enforcement(ICE) arrests people who have been ordered by a court to be deported, democrats call agents, gestapo. I even saw one reference to it being the same as the crucifixion of Jesus. No language is going too far as long as it helps democrats get their way.

This week Kellyanne Conway was called out as part of the patriarchy by Ocasio-Cortez. Ocasio decided that women who disagree with her on some things are not really women. The same is happening to all republican women and people of color who dare to disagree with democrats. Too often those women are referred to as misogamists. Democrats often refer to those women of color as white supremacists and racist terms I won't repeat.

Even democrats aren't immune from their own tactics. Nancy Pelosi made some comments about the four freshmen women who voted against the spending bill to help with border detainment facilities for immigrants. There was a back and forth and in the end, because the four freshmen representatives are women of color, Pelosi was called a racist. The Democratic Party has created the conditions where no white person can ever disagree with a person of color without being called a racist. If you're a man and disagree with a woman, you are a misogynist.

Joe Biden has been in politics for over 30 years. He served 2 terms as Vice President. During that time we had never heard anything about him possibly being a racist. During the recent presidential primary debate, it was brought up he had once supported segregationists, and that 40 years ago he was against forced busing, making him a racist. More proof that no one is immune.

Anytime you disagree with a democrat you will be called a racist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, and a fascist. Trump signed an Executive Order to put a temporary hold on travel from five countries. Within seconds, democrats and the media were talking about the Muslim Ban and how Trump, and his supporters, were Islamophobes. Despite the fact that there were many predominantly Muslim countries that weren't on the list, to this day democrats and the leftist media still refer to it as the Muslim Ban.

Democrats can get away with this because they control 95% of the media. Anyone who tries to explain how language is being distorted is at risk of being banned from social media. If you try and explain any of these distortions to a true believer democrat, you will be mocked and verbally attacked. You will be called a racist and a fascist for speaking the truth. You might be shouted out of restaurants or physically attacked.

I wrote in UFO Syndrome how language has been controlled since 1947, but in reality, it's been as long as there's been a printing press. Edward Bernays wrote in Propaganda how to control language and thinking to sell products and political ideas. Everywhere you look there are advertisements seeking to lure in buyers. Many times the product being advertised cannot live up to the promises. The Democratic Party is much the same way. For decades they have promised free education, free healthcare, and to end racism. They have never delivered and never want to because without those things, they have nothing on which to run. Democrats will even promise jobs when there is a 3% unemployment rate and businesses are begging for workers.

The free market can make lives easier. It might not provide free things, but we know that competition drives up quality and lowers prices. The Democratic Party only wants control. They believe politicians are the supreme thinkers and know what's best for everyone. Just look how they try and control the language—imagine them having that much control of our lives by letting them control a powerful government.

It's possible that democrats are using this control for nefarious purposes. Because they believe they know best about everything, they could possibly be seeking to destroy the United States so they can build their tyrannical Utopia. Democrats have become the fascists they claim to hate. When you see a group of people controlling the language, you know who you should be fighting against.

Update 7/15/2019

Someone posted the below image with only the words "Ladies Entrance" circled. The person received the inserted tweet. By democrat rules, if you even defend a woman's right to be treated equally by a protected group, you're racist.

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