Saturday, September 25, 2010

Truth, Not Truthers

On September 11th, 2001, many of us sat mesmerized as we watched the second airliner fly into the World Trade Center. We listen to the television as Osama Bin Ladin told us how he had orchestrated the attack.

In the aftermath of 9/11 the Truthers were born of people that wished to blame George W. Bush and the Republican Party for every ill in the world. A decade later these people are still declaring that the Muslims are innocent, while the deadliest attack on mainland USA was the fault of Republicans within the government, only now they have just reduced the rhetoric to the government in general.

So let’s first define what is the government. The government as intended by the Constitution are the people of the United States. I doubt the Truthers believe it’s the people, so government must be all the people that work for the federal government. There are millions of federal employees that make up the government. None of the Truthers have yet narrowed the definition enough to tell us exactly who within this massive body that orchestrated 9/11.

Those of us that have not bought the information provided by Truthers are categorized as someone that supports the Patriot Act and all of the power grabbing legislation. Maybe some of us just realize we have to pick and choose which battles to fight. I have traveled more hours than I wish to count in a car traveling to Washington DC, and then carry a heavy chair and backpack while walking down Pennsylvania Avenue, or begging cabbies to take me anywhere but the Lincoln Memorial, because I am complacent and accept our power hungry government.

Even if 9/11 was completely the work of some people within our government, we won’t find them yelling at each other or calling people names. We find all truths by replacing the establishment politicians, as well as the socialist and Marxist revolutionaries that now dominates Washington. Someday there might be a smoking gun that proves the Truthers right, but I really doubt that is going to happen.

We have to be wary of what’s going on around us. The government, the leftist media and others of power use misdirection to take us from our course. We have to steer a tight course, which is removing those from Washington that are there for their own beliefs or to fill their pockets with wads of cash. We have to fill Washington with people that believe in the Constitution and put us back on the path our founders envisioned.

We know there are radical Islamists that want a world Caliphate. We know those people will use any method to realize their goal. We know they have something in common with the Marxist socialist; that is they both hate capitalism and people free to govern their own lives.

There is always the possibility of people within our government that wish to work with radical Islam. Find those people and bring them to justice, but declaring there was some massive conspiracy by the entire US Government does nothing to fix the things wrong in this country. My advice to the Truthers is to start looking for who and not how. You have to produce names. Unless you start placing names with specific acts, you will end up along side those that believe Elvis is alive. Right now I care only for keeping Americans free and to save this nation free from socialism.

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