Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Progressive Federal Reserve

The Fed was created to control the economy, which is a socialist mentality. They feel that they can take the ups and downs out of the normal economic cycle. Eventually the progressives got their opportunity to test their theory. In 1929 we began the great progressive Utopia. Roosevelt did what the progressives wanted; they almost eliminated the middle class. That left only the rich and the poor. FDR was hailed a hero because he provided the jobs in which he stole from the people to begin with. It was only death that kept FDR from becoming dictator.

It was only until the end of ww2 in which taxes were dramatically lowered that the country climb out of the depression created by the progressive’s Utopia, but the Fed remained. Enter 2007 and we watched, as the fed seemed to weekly lower the prime rates in an effort to maintain a strong economy, all the while the great housing bubble created by the progressives began to leak. In 2009 that bubble burst and the Fed dropped lending rates to near zero.

We sat in 2010 with the Fed having only one option left in its book of tricks to effect the economy, and that is the create dollars. The printing presses are full on. Large corporations are borrowing interest free money from the Feds. That money doesn’t have to be printed. The Feds just tell that company to put X numbers of dollars into its account. Eventually that company will pay that money back to the Fed with no interest, but the kick is that they have to pay it back in actually cash. In that way the Fed is sucking some of that money back out of the economy. Where does that money go? It goes into the privately owned Federal Reserve banks. Someone is getting very rich off the financial ruin of the United States, all the while causing deflation to the US dollar.

The economy is still in the total control of the Fed and look where it’s keeping us. This is all a part of the One World Order people to equalize all the economies of the world. In North America they wish to bring down the USA, while bringing up Mexico and South America.

The lame stream media is not going to tell the masses these things, so it’s up to people like us to get the word out. We have to tell anyone that will listen. We have to get as many heads out of the sand that is possible.

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