Thursday, January 6, 2011

Is The Political Left Evil?

Those of us that follow the political world tend to find any position other than our own evil. So I ask, is the left evil? The clear answer is no. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t evil within all ideologies. I find most of the people have a good heart. They care about others. They worry about those without housing, food, and health-care. Those are not bad things.

What the left often gets wrong about the right; is that we worry about the same things. It’s only how we wish to solve these problems that differs. We on the right believe that the poor are best severed when the rest prosper. Through the free-market system we have made the American poor some of the richest people in the world.

Those on the left run around shouting that the rich need to pay more. If we confiscated the wealth of anyone possessing more than a million dollars, we couldn’t even pay off the current national debt.

I wonder how many people on the left would be willing to give up the simplest things so that the poor around the world could eat properly. If people were told that giving up cell phones would end world hunger and poverty, would they? I dare say they wouldn’t.

On the other hand, are the people on the right greedy? Sure, maybe some, but most humans are. What makes people on the political right different is they are realist. We know that confiscating wealth will do little to solve all the problems the left holds dear. Since the 50’s we have each year put more and more money into education, yet test scores continue to drop.

What is evil, are the power mongers that will use the good hearts of the people on the left to further political ambitions. For decades those in power on the left have been promising black Americans prosperity, yet it has never come. The best those of us on the right can promise anyone is equality.

Leftist leaders tell their flock that people like Marx, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao all had the right idea, but were the wrong ones to build socialist and communist societies. Everyone that stands today declares they are the correct people to create the perfect socialist society.

We have learned from the past that power corrupts. That is why our founders created a government with separation of powers. It’s the corruption of these powers that is the downfall of the greatest country ever on this world. The Executive branch is one step away from removing congressional power.

The left and right have to stop seeing the other as evil and look to what truly is evil. I believe those of us that are the Tea Party has managed to see the true evil. Evil is the traditional politician, no matter to which party they belong. Too much government is inherently evil.

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