Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Communism Falls and Thanksgiving Rises

The United States has one of the best examples ever of communism's failure. We all have heard the fanciful tale of how Thanksgiving began. We have all heard how the poor ignorant Europeans settled in Virginia and didn't know how to grow crops in which to feed themselves. I clearly understand that the varieties in land can make farming hard, and sometimes nearly impossible.
Europeans had roamed several continents, all the while managing to feed themselves. It was only when they came to some of the most fertile soil on the planet that they began to starve. We are told that if not for the indigenous population the settlers would have perished.
Something did happen in Virginia. Those people were starving and then suddenly their fields flourished. That transformation was in government, not agriculture. In the beginning, they were a collective society, Communism, if you must say it.  During harvest, all crops were brought to central storage where the village elders made sure each household received their fair share. How many times have we heard that term from Obama and the other socialist?
There were people in the village that worked harder than others. Some realized, consciously or unconsciously, that they could produce less and still have as much food for their family as did the other villagers. Like some plague, this sloughing spread its way thought the village until they were near starving.
At some point, the village was forced into a free-market society. Hard working people became tired of providing for the slackers. People began to provide for themselves. Neighbors traded their surpluses with neighbor. The slackers saw the hard workers always had their root cellars full, and their children always wore the better clothes. This encouraged them to double the size of their fields so they would have extra crops to trade for new clothes. In time, the village's best seamstress no longer had to toil in the fields for food. She would sew all day, while people traded their crops for the clothes she made.
This is how all societies must work, or they fail. In those days, if someone's house burned to the ground, they gathered together and and worked until that house was rebuilt. Now we probably don't have many neighbors that would know how to build a house, so we pay insurance companies for that same service.
Also, in today's government controlled country, the neighbors would find it impossible to build that house. First, the trees could not be milled from their own property and used as lumber because they wouldn't have the proper government stamp. The neighbors couldn't work on the house because they haven't had the proper government training in construction and safety.
Unless the family that lost their home has the proper liability insurance, they wouldn't dare let the neighbors onto their property. If one of those neighbor's slipped and fell they would likely take the people's property in damages.
Has this country gone full circle to the point we are going to starve like those first settlers?

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