Monday, February 20, 2012

Liberalism or Greedism

This diatribe is one I have been hesitant to write. The thoughts from this one came about because of a personal conversation. With that said, I hope I can write this without revealing anything that was said to me in confidence.

The gentleman I was speaking with was an admitted liberal. It’s rare that a liberal admits to being one, so that is something at least. Throughout our conversation he often mentioned social conscience. That is, when he wasn’t complaining about President Bush and all conservatives.

Of course, when talking to a liberal, Iraq is going to come up. He said that all the money that was being spent on the war could be used to take care of the poor around the world. I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but I can’t argue the poor in the USA could use some help.

This guy went on to tell me how the republicans had increased his taxes. How could he have come up with that, since Bush lowered taxes? Eventually, I found out that it was more state and local taxes that had gone up. Amazing, A northern liberal state that has high taxes.

Somewhere in the conversation, I asked what he did for a living. This was only to get an idea of what he might make a year. This is when he confessed to being a complete liberal. He worked for some institution that helped the poor around the world. It's admirable to have a job where you do something to help others, and for which you get paid.

By this time I am guessing he doesn’t make much, and with life’s expenses, he might have a legitimate gripe about some things. It was at this point I found out his annual income was six figures. I’d feel guilty if I say in a public forum the things I then said to him.

Again, I have drifted from my point. What I want to talk about is the social conscience thing. I remember several years ago when Elizabeth Dole was president of the Red Cross. I think at the time she resigned she was making $150,000. A six-figure income would make a lot of people have a social conscience.

All this about social conscience confuses me. If you take a six-figure income from a helping organization, you have a social conscience. If you are Bill Gates and have contributed a quarter of a billion dollars to charity, you are demonized.

Originally posted January 25, 2006

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