Monday, March 12, 2012

Atlas Shrugged Pt. 1 The Movie.

It's not often that I take the time to write a movie review. When Atlas Shrugged part 1 came out It didn't show any place close. Last night I finally had the chance to see the movie. I have to admit I had trepidations. I knew they had set the movie in the modern area. I also knew it would be an impossible task to make to reproduce the book on the silver screen.

For decades the people holding the movie rights had waited for the right production company. I, like many, had begun to think we would never see the movie come to light. There were high expectations, and I must admit they were met as far as I'm concerned.

The characters were well developed, as was the plot. I do wonder if a movie viewer who hasn't read the book will understand all the plots. If they didn't, I believe in coming segments they will begin to see why the world was crumbling.

Ayn Rand grew up in the USSR and saw what communism and socialism can do to an economy. She wrote book after book in an effort to teach the rest of the world what she had witnessed. Most people will never read Rand and that is why I feel the movie is important.

Yes, people call those like myself and Rand doomsday-ers. They are so very wrong. We are the ones with hope. We have seen the past and saw rise to the United States of America. This country did what no other in history could achieve. It is often compared to Rome, but there is a huge difference. The USA has never sought to be an empire. There are no expectations to expand beyond our current borders. In fact, we revel in the success of our neighbors.

The USA and Canada are often referred to as siblings. I believe this best describes the relationship. Neither wishes to control the other, while we support each other in times of need. We revel in the others successes.

Rand and those of us on the right want everyone to achieve success, but not at the expense of another. We believe that a government controlled economy is doomed to fail. We have seen from history that the more power we give government, the less liberty we have to be ourselves and to prosper.

I hope that through this movie we can prevent the things which John Galt faced. He decided the only way to save the country was to not work against its collapse. I am like Dagney and believe the country can be saved from calamity of a government controlled economy.

The recession of 2008 didn't happen because there weren't enough regulations. The collapse came because the government ignored what regulations already existed. Regulations were ignored as well as were sound economic principles.

See the movie and then watch and listen to the things your elected leaders tell you. Remember, Ayn Rand lived what we face if we keep giving our government more power over our liberties and lives.

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