Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Hypocritical Leftist Feminism

For centuries women were made to cover their bodies. From the 1400's to the 1940's it was shameful for a woman in America and much of the world to show her ankles. In the 1950's, women became bold and began to show their ankles, but even then if she showed her knees she was called a slut.

In the 1960's, women began to stand up to the the patriarchy and began wearing miniskirts and two piece swimsuits. This drove conservatives insane, not just right wing conservatives, but conservatives of all political ideologies. These are the types of things feminists fought for in the 60's and 70's.

Have you seen Catholic nuns in traditional habits? Their head and body must be covered at all times. They didn't look a lot different from the traditional Muslim dress codes of today for women. Feminists fought to free nuns from the religious restraints of their clothing. Eventually, this fight brought about the modified habit we seen nuns of today wearing.

Last year we watched the Women's March being led by woman wearing a hijab covering her hair. For those of us raised in the 60's who fought for the right to show the female body, we were perplexed. When asked why feminists were wearing hijabs, we were told it was their choice. I must ask, is it really a choice, and if it is, is it really for religious reasons? I sometimes wonder if the hijab is worn just to be different, or to make a political statement. In the case of this woman, it might be for religious reasons because she believes in Shariah Law. This fact alone should be disturbing to a true feminist.

There are many Christian women in the world who choose to dress modestly because of their religious upbringing. It's clear women sometimes dress a certain way because of religious reasons, but you didn't see these women in the Women's March. Some did want to march, but weren't allowed because they were against abortion and had other conservative ideas. For this reason, I saw the Women's March as more about pushing progressive beliefs and not about women's rights.

If the Women's March was about women's right, should that also mean the right to be free of a religion that oppresses women worldwide? Even in the USA, young girls are forced to go through Female Genital Mutilation for religious purposes. I never heard one speech at the Women's March speak against this cruelty. I never heard them talk about young girls told that from puberty on, they can never show their hair, arms, or legs because they must be modestly dressed at all times. These girls will never know the freedom of swimming at the beach without wearing a swimsuit that is dangerous because of the weight while wet.

Now we hear the leader of the Women's March degrading white women who dare to think differently. The greatest aspect of feminism is letting women think for themselves. The people running the Women's March don't want women thinking for themselves because that is not what they want—they want women who will bend to their will and think as a collective.

This brings us back to why a woman wearing a hijab is leading the march to raise women to power. And why are feminists supporting Muslim women who must hide their bodies and hair while decrying conservative women who also believe in modesty? It's all about politics. You can be sure that if Muslims suddenly started voting republican they would be driven from the country.

Democrats don't care about the color of your skin or the religion you choose, they only care about power. If your feminism gets in the way of their rise in power, you can be sure your gender will no longer matter to them.

There is a segment of the Democratic Party and their followers who see the United States as evil and should be destroyed. Main stream democrats are using those people to get votes. At some point they might see the folly of their ways, but by then it might be too late. Feminists of today might find themselves back to where women were 100 years ago because they chose to fight the wrong fight.

There are those who are great at manipulating people into actions that will eventually work against them. Feminists of today are being pumped up to fight a war for political power, thinking they are doing the right thing. These women must stop and think about what they're doing—they must see they aren't fighting for all women, but only a segment.

Feminists of today have been told conservative women are racist bigots. There are racist bigots within all ideological beliefs, but when you group every white woman, and some minority women, into a single group, you're making a huge mistake—a dangerous mistake. If you're preaching hate against males of any color and certain females, you are the much hated fascist, not the ones you call that name

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