Friday, November 23, 2018

The Democratic Party Cult

I've written before about how people blindly follow an ideology until they become cult-like. This is the case with the left and right, but today we have seen the left become even more like a cult. During the 2018 election we saw some far left people elected. The day after the election we began seeing them chanting about a Green New Deal. I'm not sure yet exactly what that means, but the name suggests something that gives government incredible control over our lives.

The first thing mentioned is a carbon tax. The far left always leads with a tax. We know that taxing energy increases the price of everything in the country. These new elected people talk about helping the poor and working class people, yet their first action is one that only does harm to those they claim to help.

They seem to follow blindly without thinking of results. It's as if someone tells them what to believe and say and they just go forward without thinking. In some you even see the wide eyes that don't seem to blink enough because they are so fixated on a task.

I'm not saying there is some person in power directing these people, I am simply saying they have been brainwashed to believe certain things. From the time these people started kindergarten to the time they graduate college, they have been taught environmentalism and socialism. They have been taught that anyone running a business is evil and only care about themselves. Environmentalism is simply a tool to get socialism or communism. If you control the world on which we live, you control the people living on that world.

I saw a segment on National Geographic about this lady who works with Green Peace. The lady talked about how she was working to save the planet. In one segment they showed her and someone else climbing a Russian oil rig by rope as they were sprayed with a fire hose in freezing temperatures. At the same time, Russian soldiers were shooting at Green Peace boats. Everyone was eventually arrested placed in a Russian prison for an undetermined time.

After she was released and once again sailing the arctic to harass another oil rig, she talked to her mother on the phone who praised her for the work she was doing. This woman, and apparently her mother, truly believe oil is going to destroy the planet. I hear some of these newly elected democrats also talking about cataclysmic climate change. If cataclysmic climate change was a fact, wouldn't that time, money, and effort be better spent on discovering new forms of energy?

The Green Peace lady and some newly elected democrats don't seem to follow logic, only the teachings of their cult. Every thought and action is predictable because we know exactly what they have been taught. You can't even have a discussion with these people because they refuse to hear anything different from their beliefs.

Socialism has failed every time it has been used and each generation of the cult believes they are the chosen ones who can make it work. The Weather Underground once sad 14% of the population would never go along with their new world and would have to be removed. Have no doubt, the new generation of cult members would willingly imprison those who disagree or interfere with their goals. We have even recently heard some democrats say those who don't believe in climate change as they do, should be imprisoned.We have seen leftist groups wearing masks while torching buildings and beating those with whom they disagree.

Cults are dangerous no matter why they are formed. Even if the cult proposes good things, they will use nefarious tools to get their way. They don't care about the poor, the working class, or people of color, they only care about their endgame and that's total control. They will control what you eat, what you see on television, and who you choose to worship.

We already see hints of this control. For many years, leftist Democrats have attacked the Christian religion. They have made it clear they don't want religious views affecting their lives or government. Yet, today, we see them protecting religions that are slaughtering and imprisoning gay people around the world. Simply because cult members see one religion as an ally and the other as a threat to their plans, they will ignore the faults of one while highlighting those of another.

It's not always on the fringe where we find cult-like words and actions. Senator Chuck Schumer said:
I don’t agree very often with Chief Justice Roberts, especially his partisan decisions which seem highly political on Citizens United, Janus, and Shelby. But I am thankful today that he—almost alone among Republicans—stood up to President Trump and for an independent judiciary.
He admits to judges being ideologically biased, but that didn't suit his agenda at that moment so he chose to use Justice Roberts as an ally against his greatest foe, President Trump. Schumer isn't a member of the same cult as the new people entering Congress, but he is a cult member just the same.

How do we stop these cults without becoming like them? There is only one way, education.
Leftist cults control the education system. Thankfully, we have the internet that allows us to bypass schools and the news media to get facts and truths out to young, gullible minds, but sadly, cult members control most of social media. The only way to win is to stay calm and do our best to let facts and logic be our guide. 

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