Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Illegal Alien Misinformation

I got into a debate with a couple of democrats about illegal immigration. I learned so much from them, none of which was good for democrats. When I told one of them that members of the caravan were applying for asylum, the guy thought I was lying. I linked to a New York Times article(what I consider a leftist source) that verified everything I had said. The man was surprised by what he had read. He told me he had never seen any of that information, which pretty accurately detailed how many caravans there were and how many people made up those caravans. He told me the New York Times wasn't a progressive source so he would have some doubts about the information.

The topic turned to how illegal aliens were working and paying taxes. Some do pay taxes, but not in the numbers people think. One of the men supplied a link to a Vox article. As you might expect, it was a fluff piece describing the plight of poor immigrants and bragging about how much they pay in taxes. What the article also did was provide some numbers that backed up what I was saying about illegal aliens stealing Social Security numbers.

To work legally in the United States, all illegal aliens have to do is make-up or steal a Social Security number and send it to the IRS with a request for an Individual Tax Identification Number(ITIN). This number will always be used in place of a Social Security number when applying for a job or doing taxes.

You might wonder how this is possible—you can thank Obama for this happening. He ordered the IRS not to check Social Security numbers when assigning ITINs. I have found no evidence this rule has been changed. Simply changing this rule would make it impossible for illegal aliens to legally work in this country.

These men, and democrats in general, love to tell us how much illegal immigrants pay in taxes. They make it sound as if the country might collapse if that money was cut off, but remember, if the illegal alien doesn't do the job, a legal American will, so there would be no net loss. US spending is around $3.3 trillion—illegal aliens, according to Vox, pay $9 billion dollars in federal, state, and local taxes, which is a drop in the bucket.

If we look at the number of illegal aliens drawing from government assistance, it makes what is paid in taxes unimportant. According to FAIR, illegals cost the US, on all levels of government, $134 billion. These cost are spread out among all government assistant programs. Democrats brag that illegal aliens work for less than Americans, so that alone would tell you they qualify for many of those programs.

The latest Pew study shows there are 22 million illegal aliens in the United States. Estimates provided by Vox and other sources indicate 8 million are working with an ITIN. This means the remaining illegal aliens are either on assistance or working illegally.

According to the Border Patrol, in 2016, 12,842 illegal aliens were convicted of crimes. Those are just the ones arrested by the United States Border Patrol. In 2015, and in Texas alone, there were 37,776 arrests. According to Center for Immigration Studies, 32% of federal prisoners are aliens, of which 90% are in the country illegally. This doesn't even touch on how many are in prisons on state and local levels. It's hard to know those numbers because some states and cities purposely hide their statistics.

There is no evidence to suggest that letting someone into the country illegally does any good for the country as a whole. When someone climbs over the fence, or simply walks across the border, we have no idea of their true identity. Democrats are always pointing to children of illegal aliens and crying, “Those poor children,” but they don't care if the child is with a sex trafficker. When people show up at the border with a child in tow and no identification papers, we have no idea if the child is being trafficked for sexual purposes, or not. The only way we can be sure people entering the country are safe is if they do it the correct way.

I tried to use numbers from far left sources because democrats can't deny them. I found in researching, that democrats often use correct numbers, but present them in such a way as to make illegal aliens appear to be victims, or to show them as being the foundation of America.

Entering the USA illegally and then using fraudulent means to work is against the law. Every illegal alien using an illegal Social Security number is breaking the law and should be arrested. Even if they make-up a Social Security number, that number could belong to me or your child. When you or your child tries to retire, you won't be able to because someone else is already drawing your checks. We have the entire Democratic Party supporting fraud for political reasons. These actions can't be legal. The United States was founded on, and lasted, because of one thing, rule of law. The Democratic Party abuses the law for political gain.

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