Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Democratic Party Coup

Democrats have been talking seriously about abolishing the Electoral College. They are upset that Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election, despite winning the popular vote. Her lead in the popular vote could have been attributed to the people of Los Angeles, alone. If the US was a democracy instead of a constitutional republic, a handful of cities could decide the presidency.

In America, the founders intended for each state to be a self governing country. The federal government was created to form a common defense, and so that states could trade freely across borders. States joining together under a republic had many benefits, yet still allowed each state to govern independently. A person living in New York City can't begin to understand what life is like in rural South Carolina. Each Eastern state or region has an economy that's different from one on the West coast. The Electoral College insures the people of Iowa have equal power to those in New York City.

A nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government.

For some insane reason, democrats keep trying to say the Electoral College was designed to protect slavery. Most of the 13 original states are not considered slave states. The first 13 states are: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island. By looking at the states listed, by democrat logic, you might say the Electoral College was designed to limit slavery. This is why I say, democrats will say and do anything to gain power.

The Electoral College has worked well since the founding of the country. Because democrats lost a couple of presidential races, despite getting a small lead in the popular vote, they have wanted to change the system. This is far more than just about democrats being sore losers—they see an opportunity.

There is no way to explain this other than to call it a coup. Democrats control all the major cities. If the Electoral College was abolished, and if you look at a half dozen democrat run cities, you're looking at, potentially, 15 million votes. If the Electoral College was abolished, we would never again have a republican president. Candidates would no longer care about the people in rural states with small populations. A president should care about all states, not just the ones with the most voters.

We have often heard democrats joke about fly over states. The fact the term “fly over states” even exists shows bigotry. We often hear democrats mocking rural southerners' intelligence. Now we often hear democrats berating white people. States with small populations, where democrats see them as problematic, would never be noticed by the Democratic president.

Democrats know that getting the Electoral College removed might be an impossible task. For that reason they have a backup plan to remove two electoral votes from every state, by removing those represented by senators. States like Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota would be reduced to one electoral vote. This would give states like California and New York far more power in determining who becomes president.

The coup doesn't end with presidential elections. They are upset a republican president got to appoint judges to the supreme court. Now they want to place term limits on judges or increase the number of judges if their party can take control of the Senate and presidency. They're talking about increasing the number of Supreme Court judges from 9 to 15. They would then pack those new slots with leftist judges who would rule by ideology and not law. Whatever it takes to control the country, democrats will give it a try.

I've talked before in The Coup To Control The USA, about how democrats are opening borders to gain voters. They know that most people entering from the southern border share their socialist views. It's their belief in socialism that caused the failure of their own country and why they are fleeing. It's become clear that democrats' fight against voter ID is about only one thing, to allow people to illegally vote. They don't care who is voting, an illegal alien, a dead person, or someone voting in multiple states, as long as they get the vote that gives them permanent power.

In some democrat run cities and states, felons are being allowed to vote. I'm not saying this is good or bad, but I don't believe democrats' intentions are altruistic. There is a national push to lower the voting age to 16. The reason for that is obvious, they know that a vast majority of teens, age 16 and 17 will vote democrat. Their excuse for lowering the voting age is because they can legally work. This is odd because at 15 they can also legally work. Democrats seem to forget the reason the voting age was lowered from 21 to 18 was because boys that age were being drafted into the war. There was recently a British study that says the brain isn't fully developed until age 30. Maybe we should raise the voting age to 26, when insurance companies consider people adults.

There are many democratic voters who will gladly tell you they would be happy with a democrat controlled tyranny because they believe anyone who thinks differently from them is evil. They will gladly tell you that republicans are racists and bigots because that's what the Democratic Party propaganda machines have instilled into their minds. Once a person has been trained to believe the opposition is, not just wrong, but evil, they will gladly embrace the tyranny.

When Democrat voters have been brainwashed to believe everything about the country is bad, they will embrace the tyranny. In Stolen Lands, I talked about how young voters are being taught the founders of the United States were evil because they stole the land from Natives. Democrats make these young people believe they can right all the wrongs of the past.

In Disastrous Green New Deal, I talked about how the Democratic plan to save the planet will destroy the nation, while doing little to help the environment. We have seen this thinking throughout history—destroy the country in order to rebuild it to a leftist Utopia.

Democrats keep telling us about how a democracy is always perfect. I wrote in Democratic Socialism Failures, about why democrats say Democratic Socialism instead of simple socialism. They want you to believe that as long as people vote, everything will be good, but we know all too well that most of the dictatorships and tyrannies were elected.

We've always known politicians, no matter the ideology, will say anything to get elected. That is one reason Trump was elected, he talked as if he was telling the truth. His actions since being elected have shown he was telling the truth. When a political party says they can solve every problem if they get total control, they're lying, no matter if it's the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. 

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