Sunday, November 21, 2010

Political and News Dog and Pony Show

Two weeks ago people went to the ballot box to show Washington that the country is extremely dissatisfied with the job they are doing. Since then the lame duck congress has reconvened and it’s clear that the Democrats and some others haven’t learned anything from the trashing.

I just watched a debate on Fox News between Democrat and Republican representatives. They bantered back and forth on extending the jobless (unemployment) benefits. The Republicans are clear on the fact that they will not sign on to any bill unless money is found to pay for it now. Some Republicans want to use stimulus money, while the Democrats just want to spend from the budget, which at this point is all borrowed money.

What truly angers me is when politicians and news anchors treat the public like idiots. There are two congressmen bantering over how to pay for this bill, and the Democrat is crying that the Republicans are holding back passage. Do they not know that we know this is the same House of Representatives where Democrats still hold a huge majority? They don’t need Republican’s help for passage of this bill. The Democrats don’t want to pass this bill, or they do want to pass it, in either case they just want to make the Republicans look like the bad pony.

The Fox host may have mentioned the fact that the Democrats still hold a majority before I tuned in, but I doubt she did. People demand to be treated as intelligent beings and not the sheep many on television and in Washington think we are. This is the very thing about which people are angry.

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