Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wikileaks: Accident, Plan, or Ineptitude?

We now have Wiki Leaks telling us they are going to release private State Department communications. The website is already filled with 350mb of supposed sensitive military material. This tells me we have a serious problem within our government.

We have the TSA controversy with body scanners filling the news. Our government assures us that these images cannot be saved or transmitted. We are already seeing images appear on Gizmodo. Time and time again the government reassures us that something is safe, only later to find that we had been swept up into a false sense of security. The only way we can assure privacy is to take it into our own hands. This applies as well to our medical records. Once we let the federal government place them in some central database, we no longer have control.

The government is proving with these latest leaks that they cannot secure even embarrassing communications. There is another possibility, and that’s these communications are being intentionally leaked. It’s clear that the progressives don’t much like this country and relish any opportunity to see it embarrassed.

I have the impression that at least some of these communications contain embarrassing remarks about the Chinese leadership. China holds the majority of our debt. It is possible Obama wants to anger the Chinese so much that they will stop buying our debt, in which will further collapse the dollars?

I don’t yet have enough information to make a judgment as to what’s really happening. I do know that with this administration, things rarely happen by accident. The leaks on the wars were clearly to discredit Bush and the Republicans.

Our government has the ability to steal our emails and to monitor our financial transactions, but they can’t find a foreign server transmitting sensitive documents and shut it down. There is more to this than meets the eye. Is our government truly this inept? If they are, where is the media asking the government hard questions and holding them accountable? Oh yes, silly me, it’s a democratic controlled government. The left trusts government implicitly as long as it’s their party in control.

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