Friday, November 26, 2010

The Perfect Candidate

Obama was the perfect Manchurian candidate. He was black, so anyone that offered opposition was immediately labeled racist. Obama was charismatic and was not the traditional black community organizer. There was an American electorate that was unhappy with two wars and a declining economy, which made the call for change a nice prospect. People were ready for someone to fundamentally change America. There was a complicit media that did nothing but cheer lead the first African-American candidate that could possibly win. Those of us that bothered to look into what lay past the facade were called racist.

What we saw, and now most Americans are seeing, is a man filled with hate for all things that make us Americans. He is an anti-colonialist, a term few of us were familiar with at the time of the election. They didn’t know that change was socialism and globalism. People were blinded by words and failed to see that Obama wanted to mold his presidency in the form of the man who was the most revered, albeit mistakenly, by American history, Franklin D. Roosevelt. There was only one way to be FDR and that was to create another Great Depression. I’m not sure if the timing of the sub-prime collapse was when he and the Democratic Party planned, but the timing was perfect. That catapulted him into the White House. We know now the collapse of the sub-prime market was foreseen, and possibly planned.

I’m not sure I would go so far as to say the American people were suckered, but I dare say this was the greatest con in American history. The biggest crime is that it may be decades before the American people will trust a black man to once again be president. The good that has come from this presidency is that they have proven the failure of FDR and Keynesian economics. Obama and the Democratic Party’s failures have given rise to the Tea Party movement and Conservatism.

March 7, 2011

Since the writing of this article it has come to light that the economic collapse was due in part to Islamic terrorist.  This only adds evidence that the down-turn was planned. Many of the things predicted have come to pass. There are riots all over the world, including the USA. There are American citizens calling for revolution, albeit I’m not sure who they want to overthrow since they still have the great Obama as president, as well as control of the Senate.

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