Monday, October 16, 2023

Democrat abuse of LGBT


Democrats never stop talking about how they support LGBT, and republicans hate them. There are
conservatives who have issues with LGBT, but the damages democrats do to them are far worse. I know some will find that hard to believe, but it will become clear as I move on.

Let's begin with the Florida law that democrats love to refer to as the “don't say gay” law. That alone tells you where democrats stand because the law says that nowhere. The law simply states that LGBT issues can't be part of the classroom curriculum. The purpose is to keep leftist teachers from pushing children to be LGBT, and if they are, the parents must be involved. Democrats will tell you that's not happening, but there is evidence it has.

 Libs of Tiktok was banned from some social media for posting videos of democrat teachers talking about LGBT issues. They were cited for hate speech, although hey were unedited videos of teachers and others. In one of those videos a teacher is bragging that 22 of her 30 students came out to her as LGBT. That is statistically impossible. According to the CDC's, Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, the number of LGBT students has increased by 11% from 2015 to 2021. That makes the current figure as 25% being LGBT. It's becoming clear that being LGBT in school gets students good attention and many will do anything for that.

It could be said that people being more open to LGBT could be the cause of the rise. I suspect that does raise it, but not that much. We're seeing transgender people coming forward who have de-transitioned because teachers or parents had encouraged them to take that route as a teenager. This is why a lot of people, even some LGBT have concerns about schools being involved in these issues. It should be extremely rare for a child to take puberty blockers or hormone thearapy. We need some long term studies before allowing children to take these drugs. For some reason, democrats fight against these studies and keep encouraging the use. The few studies there have been are showing early use can cause long term bone density and other issues.

I 100% support LGBT and that's why I am talking about this. You would think only conservatives would put out this information, but even us libertarians like to find the facts of every issue. I want LGBT to be accepted by all people, but when those who are unsure hear the horror stories of adults who had been pushed to transition, it turns them against all LGBT.

Pride events are also doing great home. We see parades where men and drag queens are wearing very sexual clothing and exposing far too much skin for a public event with children. We see men on floats whipping another man on the butt with a leather rod. Why would anyone want their children to watch this. If I think this is a bridge too far, imagine how conservatives feel.

We are hearing a lot about drag queen story hours at libraries and schools. There is a lot of parent outrage over this and I understand why. The fact parents speak out about this at board meetings has caused the federal government to label them as domestic terrorists. Parents have been tossed from meetings for speaking out. Some were booted from the meetings for reading books that had graphic sex, books promoted by democrats for children to read in school libraries.

Drag queens are a lot of fun, but they have always been adult entertainment. Drag queens are over sexualized caricatures of women; it's humor for adults. What's sad is it appears democrats are using them to represent transgender women. A drag queen isn't transgender. In fact they are as far from transgender as you can get.

That brings me to another democrat change that does harm, they have eliminated traditional terms such as transvestite, crossdresser, and transsexual. A Transvestite(TV) is a man who wears female clothing for sexual desires. A crossdresser is someone who dresses as a woman just because it's fun. In both of those they love being a man and would never want to be a woman. The new term for both of those is identifying as a woman. By democrat rules they can identify as a woman for a few hours just to use the ladies restroom, showers, or play ladies sports.

All the other stuff does great harm to the most important, the transsexual(TS). That is someone born male, but has always felt like a woman in the wrong body. The official medical diagnosis is Gender Dysphoria. They have determined the best treatment for that is to make the body fit the brain. TS is the only one out of all transgender that isn't a learned behavior. Conservatives like to say that transsexualism is a mental illness because it's in the psychology DSM-5. It could be labeled as a birth defect, but we know that all people aren't the same when it comes to gender and personality.

We have got to get democrats to stop pushing the extremes or placing all trans in the same group. We need to get back to using the original labels. We need to stop them from using LGBT for political gain. Let people naturally become who they are without outside interference.

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