Thursday, October 5, 2023

More Democrat Hypocrisy

I saw something today that reminded me of more democrat hypocrisy. Some were talking about how some European countries have seen the disaster of mass immigration and seek to stop it. Some democrats are upset because they say countries like Italy and the US can't exist without mass immigration because of declining birth rates. They tell us Italy has a 1.2 child birth rate per woman and for a country to survive it must be as least 2 per woman.

There is one topic democrats never stop talking about, abortion. Anytime anyone talks about limiting abortions they fill the streets with protesters. This is confusing, if the birth rate is too low, why don't they try and give women routes other than abortion rather than encouraging them? Democrats should be working hard to improve adoption rates rather than pushing for more abortions, some to the point of delivery.


There are so many reasons democrats could be encouraging abortion and ignoring the low birth rate except when it benefits their policies. We could say it was to just make the white race a minority, but they are placing most abortion clinics in or near black communities. The black population has hovered around 12% for most of the past 75 years. This tells us it has to be the American idea of freedom they want to destroy. Could it be that democrats are just dumb and can't understand the disaster of their policies? I doubt that, it has to be planned.

Democrats will make any excuse to open US borders. They have no idea who those people are. Many of the countries won't work with the US if they do try and verify their identification. Those countries know it makes it easier to send in drugs, sex traffickers, terrorists, and undercover soldiers. Any country can put their soldiers in our military because you don't have to be a citizen to serve. We currently have 35,000 foreign nationals in our military with 8,000 joining every year. With current policies those numbers could drastically increase. The current number could do great harm to the country.

During the pandemic, democrats were banning people from working and leaving their home if they weren't vaccinated. At the same time they were letting in a million immigrants with no vaccination and not vaccinating them before releasing them into the country. That makes no sense if the virus was as dangerous as they told us. In many instances immigrants get advantages Americans don't.

We know democrats control 90% of the media and they can make most Americans believe what they want. Look how they have convinced so many people that January 6th was an insurrection and not just a minor riot where only one unarmed woman was killed by an officer. Democrat voters have been convinced this five feet tall woman was a terrorist and the most dangerous person at the Capitol that day. Typically democrats would be rioting in the streets if an unarmed woman was killed by police. In this case they cheered it. The reasons being, she was a white Trump supporter.

We know there was fraud in the 2020 election, maybe not enough to overturn the election. There was for sure fraud, but no one is allowed to talk about that fraud. There is fraud in every election, but because of mail-in ballots there was far more. The fear of COVID (another issue that needs to be discussed) made people ignore violations of law to allow mail-in ballots.

Even with all the things I mentioned, we know hypocrisy is happening even if there is an underlying plan. If you point this out, or any of their talking points, you're called a liar, a fascist, racist, or Nazi. This is all part of the UFO Syndrome where I wrote about how government learned after Roswell to mock and ridicule anyone who says anything government doesn't want people talking about. Right now even LGBT people are mocked and ridiculed if they speak against schools transitioning children, even without parental consent, or trans females with little or no hormone therapy in women's sports..

Democrats defend Muslims no matter what they say or do, while trashing Christians. Islamic countries and some American communities place strict restrictions on women and bans all LGBT. Despite those actions, our democrat government wants to send those countries billions of dollars. The reason they support them in this country is to get their vote. Democrats will do anything for votes.

Democrats forced Americans to take the COVID vaccine while letting people illegally enter the country, and if caught, letting them free in the country with no vaccination. Democrats fought hard against the Trump's, Stay In Mexico policy that kept them from entering the country until they had been processed, which might have meant they were vaccinated. Anyone visiting the country legally must take a long list of vaccines.

I could go on and on about all the things democrats do to control people and information. I have one major question, how do we call out this hypocrisy and change minds of voters and politicians? All I can do is blog and talk on social media, but it's rare a mind changes. It does happen, but it's rare. It's hard to convince someone of something when they can cite every major parroting media that supports their point. I guess it goes back to one of my mottoes, all I can do is try and make someone think. Maybe you will rethink everything you think is true.

Updated 10/6/2023

One day after posting there is already another huge democrat hypocrisy. Biden has been saying from day one that walls don't work. He was actually selling materials already bought for the wall. He was having gates welded open. But after democrat cities such as New York were getting overloaded with immigrants who had entered the country illegally and the democrat citizens and elected officials cried out for it to stop, Biden announced he was finishing 26 miles of the Trump wall.

To try and hide the hypocrisy they're calling it barriers instead of wall. After being confronted about their hypocrisy, they said they had no choice, that it was already funded and approved by congress. Oddly, that money and approval didn't matter the moment Trump walked out of the White House. Biden waved 26 laws so the wall section could be built. It's clear they want the wall built and democrats were lying when they said walls don't work.

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