Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Mistake of Proportional Retaliation

 After the latest, and maybe largest, attack on Israel by Palestinian terrorist, Israel began retaliation. Within little time, democrat activists began protesting Israel and saying the attacks aren't proportional. This is something the left has been screaming for the past 70 years. I first noticed it with the Vietnam war that lasted 20 years. Too often we heard the US was being too aggressive and often forbidden from attacking North Vietnam. This has happened all through the Iraq war that lasted, officially 8 years, but it was actually only recently that the US really pulled out.

This might sound silly, but it was a Terry Goodkind's novel that woke me up to why these extended wars happened. The lead female character took over the army that was facing defeat. She told them to go into the village and kill every man, woman, and child. Her theory was that the women would produce future soldiers and the children would grow up to be soldiers. Although the killing children part was too far for reality, the rest made sense. Also, women are often directly or indirectly fighting wars. 


To end wars you have to make enemies too afraid to attack. This was the case with Presidents Reagan and Trump. All US enemies feared what those two non-politicians might do. Many thought Trump was crazy enough to do anything to them. In the end, one thing is for sure, aggression slowed under both. Reagan with his Star Wars and other projects made it too expensive for the Soviet Union to keep up, which caused them to collapse. That also brought down the wall that divided Germany and freed the people of East Germany.

For decades after that, Russia was no longer a threat, but with weak US presidents in power they would do such things as invade Ukraine. Russia invaded Ukraine under Obama and Biden, but not under Trump. Democrats try to write that off as a coincidence, but reality is Putin saw Trump as strong and determined so figured it was better to get along with him. Just the appearance of strength is a strong weapon.

You can't talk about why there are extended wars without mentioning the Military Industrial Complex that has one goal, to get rich. Politicians and many of the deep state own stock in military companies, so with war their dividends increase. Unfortunately, elected leaders from both parties participate in this monstrosity. Trump and Reagan had made their fortune in the business world before being elected, so they never participated in the Military Industrial Complex. This is very likely one of the causes for the persecution of Trump.

It's hard to understand why the media of today pushes the Military Industrial Complex agenda. It could be they make money from wars, or they just do whatever the Democratic Party orders them to do. We see thousands of people protesting against Israel's retaliation. That for sure comes from the media reporting the terrorists' propaganda. I've said that is also likely based on race because much of the world sees Israel as a white country, which is not the case.

It would be nice to think it was just a concern for lives, and I think that is the case for some who don't realize how much propaganda they hear each day. Far too many people will believe anything that is the opposite to what the political party they support says. No matter if it's to feed the Industrial Military Complex or people biased by ideology, ending terrorist attacks should be the priority. One thing for sure, using proportional retaliation combat tactics won't end terrorism or any war.

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