Wednesday, November 15, 2023

AR Rules The World

 I'll start by answering your question, what is AR. No, AR isn't Augmented reality or Assault Rifle in this writing, it's Artificial Reality. This is the concept democrats and leftists around the world use to control people's minds. Some people are concerned AI(Artificial Intelligence) will someday rule the world. You can be sure those creating AR(Artificial Reality) will use AI to amplify their artificial reality.

Let's talk about some of the AR that exists today. My first thought goes to COVID. It was a real virus, but even though it was a deadly virus, the left wanted it to be much worse. They wanted to see how far they could push people with enough fear. They learned it was a long way.

We learned this week about a 17 year old white boy beaten to death by 15 people in Los Angeles. In all the reporting it was never mentioned the attackers were black. If the races had been reversed, the media would have always mentioned the race and called it a hate crime. In the AR world, race only matters if the victim isn't white. Race is a driving force in creating the AR world. They have discovered racism can be used to power AR.

Democrats and the left hate guns and only wants government to own them. In the US we continuously hear the term “weapons of war”. That is a reference mostly to the AR-15. They even tell us AR stands for assault rifle. In reality, AR applies to the name of the creator of the rifle, ArmorLite. We might could even call the rifle an Alternate Reality 15 since everything we hear on 90% of the media about the rifle isn't reality.

One of the biggest AR events is what's happening to former President Trump. Everything from the Russian collusion hoax to all the other crimes he's been charged with are artificial. It has become reality to all the people who listen and believe 90% of the media. The media is one of the biggest tools of the left to create AR. Trump exposing AR said the other day, “If you repeat a lie enough, people will come to accept it as the truth.”

Truth is something hard to find these days. You can't trust any source. Every news media has their own prejudices. As far as I can tell, the right leaning media is the most accurate, but not 100%. That's likely because the left controls 90% of the media and it almost always reports whatever will push the democrat/leftist narrative. Most media repeats whatever comes from the wire services like Associated Press and Reuters. When I say media, that also includes fictional dramas and comedies. They also promote the leftist narrative to alter reality.

You might ask, how can the left control so much of the media? Journalists are raised to believe what they learned in school is fact. A lot of the history and social studies are leftist AR. I tell in Civil War Truths how history has been rewritten to alter reality. You have to gather information from all sources and use logic to determine what is true. Logic doesn't work with the civil war history we're taught. I wish the non-fiction book “Propaganda” wrote by the man known as the father of modern marketing, Edward Bernays, was required reading in schools. He created the marketing tactics that is used to alter reality.

The only way we can remove the veil of AR is with truth. I wrote the Heavenly Deception trilogy about how truth must be exposed to save the world. All my fiction is rooted in reality, even if the stories are fictional, the basis is reality. For thousands of years religions were used to control the minds of people. When the printing press was invented governments learned they could post printed material around town to push thoughts in a single direction. 

Has the invention of the internet made a difference? Maybe a little. It's even harder to find the truth because there are so many different opinions available. I still find most people are locked into Alternate Reality beliefs. There are voices pushing back, but most humans will submit to the largest and loudest voices; the democrat/leftists. I won't ever submit to those voices. I plan to be a voice that exposes those altering reality.

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