Thursday, November 23, 2023

Modern Slavery Revealed

 Most people today don't know modern slavery exists. Many that do think it's only about sex trafficking. That is a large part of it, but it is far more widespread. Many are surprised to hear there are labor slaves and it's happening in the USA. The left will tell you that is a reference to low wages, but in reality it's too often about no wages.

There are some obvious signs of slavery. Often you will see large groups living in a small room. I remember seeing 14 Mexicans living in a small mobile home. At the time, slavery didn't enter my mind, but looking back it's obvious. Modern slaves are also fearful of the police and those who might help them. There are many reasons for this, but look in the US how people are being brainwashed into not trusting any authority. Many people will begin to see their slavers as families and protectors. It appears to be similar to Stockholm Syndrome where captives begin to trust and defend their captors. This seems to be pretty common, especially with child slaves.

You might ask how people get forced into slavery and not just walk away. Often, it's a fear of life. Of course their own life is in dangers, but also their family's. If they don't obey, their families will be killed, even if in far away lands. Sometimes, such as in sex slavery, there is forced drug addiction. There are the child slaves who are told their parents sold them and no longer wants them. Sadly, that's too often true.

Our southern border has trafficked slaves entering everyday. Sadly, we have the Democratic Party that is knowingly, or unknowingly, assisting them. Democrat Non Governmental Organizations(NGOs) deliver the slaves to their new owner's address that's on an armband or a tattoo.

The places to find the majority of slaves are in legal and illegal labor industries, including child care, elder care, the drug trade, massage parlors, nail and hair salons, restaurants, hotels, factories, and farms. In some cases, victims are hidden behind doors closed doors in domestic servitude, in a home.

The majority of children reported as victims of modern slavery are in the 16-17 years old category, yet they can be of any age, as young as 9. Many children travel without documents or are given false or forged identity documents, which make it difficult to know their exact age. That is why we must verify the identity and age of anyone entering the USA.

If we secured the US borders and mandate that the identity and background of all border entries be verified, we could reduce slavery in this country. Because of politics, democrats/leftists want open borders. They could care less that slavery is happening or people are dying from illegal drugs. The desire for political domination is ruining the lives of people. There are an estimated 400,000 slaves in the US. We cannot let that continue.

Signs of a potential victim of modern slavery may include:

  • They seem malnourished and tired

  • If from overseas, they don’t speak much English

  • They wear unsuitable clothes for the work, or for the weather

  • They appear to be under the control of someone else and reluctant to interact with others

  • They are reluctant to make eye contact or talk to people

  • They work excessively long hours and seldom, if ever, have days off

  • They appear fearful, uneasy, or anxious and distrustful of authorities

  • They have untreated injuries

  • They allow others to answer questions put to them

  • They are confined to their workplace and there may be signs that they also sleep there


Signs that a house, flat or other dwelling could be a base for modern slavery

  • The property seems too small for the numbers of people that live there

  • People appear to be bundled in and out of the property by others, often during darkness

  • There are bars on the windows and/or the curtains are permanently drawn or boarded up

  • Large numbers of young women have suddenly been moved into the property, which then receives lots of visitors day and night

  • The letterbox has been sealed over

  • There is CCTV at the entrance to the property

  • The pungent smell coming from the property

  • Electricity is being re-routed from neighboring
    properties or directly from power lines

None of these indicators in isolation or combination can give you complete certainty, sometimes it will be a case of acting on your instinct that something is not right.

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