Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Fake Phobias

For years we repeatedly heard about homophobia, Islamophobia, and papyrophobia. Never heard that last one, me either until I looked it up. That seems to be the fear of government. I think free people should fear government. I wrote how democrats use labels and language to control people and Controlling Political Language. This is basically a continuation of that.

Fear works and has always worked for extremist governments to control people. The last couple of decades, phobia has been one of the most used words, next to racism. If you want a country to have secure and safe borders, you're considered to be xenophobic. Xenophobia is is the word used to describe people who fear brown or black people. I've never met anyone who feared someone based on their race or sexuality. When transgender became the topic of the day for democrats, anyone who has a problem with transgender female athletes in women's sports, even when the person speaking is transgender, they are quickly labeled a transphobe.

A phobia is a fear. I've known people who have agoraphobia, a fear of leaving the house. Those people are terrified when they open the door or step off their property. I have, at times, had mild aspects of agoraphobia. Trust me, a phobia isn't a term that should be used for politics and to control people. Arachnophobia is someone who fears spiders. If you have ever seen someone with that face a spider, you know it's real fear.

It's all about control and democrats/the left don't care who they hurt or how many lives are destroyed, just as long as they get their way. I've written how democrats call people racists and Nazis to silence them. A lot of people will sit silently and watch the world burn if trying to put it would have them called a racist, Nazi fascist. Democrats have used those terms to make people look at MAGA(Make America Great Again) as if they are some evil, racist nationalist. That is another thing, since when is it a bad thing to love your country and want it to stand for eternity? We should be proud to be called nationalists. Democrats have turned the term nationalist to mean racist, even though many of the American loving nationalists are people of color.

There is a new phobia, but democrats haven't given it a label so I did it for them. For decades, democrats have been creating hate against white people. They say the country is on Stolen Land and white people are to blame for poverty, crime, and authoritarian governments in every country of color. Democrats say those countries are a mess because of white people. When I say democrats, I mean 90% of the media and much of the education system. That has truly created whiteophobia. You will see me use that term often in the future.

We just learned the reason a white transgender man shot up a white Catholic school; it was because he had become a whiteophobic. Yes, even white people can become whiteophobic. They are likely the same ones some people of color have labeled as white saviors. That means those white people think people of color need them to fight for/save them.

Even though I started this talking about fake phobias, I ended it with what has become a real phobia. The fear of white people is reaching dangerous levels and will only get worse if we let leftists stay in power and control most of the media and education system. The only way we can defeat them is if the Libertarian Party and the GOP work together. A blended party might be our only hope to save a free America. Let's end whiteophobia and all the political phobias.

Update 11/9/2023

It's rare I have to add an update the next day, but when spending a lot of time on social media you keep learning things. I ran across someone who thinks like me and created a new phobia word to offset what democrats/the left are doing. Judeophobia is clearly what's happening in the world today. Democrats are obviously trying to create fear for Jews who they perceive to be white, and unfortunately, it's working and spreading like a dangerous wildfire. Hopefully those like me and the person who coined the word Judephobia can wake-up people to what is really happening.


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